Conditional Orders

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Conditional Orders


Conditional order at SSI Securities Corporation (SSI) is the tool to support Client to buy/sell at the pre-determined price based on order triggering conditions. When Client chooses to place a conditional order, SSI understands that Client has read, fully understood regulations/operating principles of conditional orders and agrees to apply, co-operate and follow the Terms and Conditions as prescribed by SSI, including but not limited to the following terms:

  1. Client accepts all trading results after the Conditional Order has been activated and/or matched.

  2. Client takes full responsibility for the contents related to the Conditional Order placed by the Client, including Conditional Order type, Order type (Buy/Sell), Volume, Order price, Validity time, Triggering type, Toler, Triggering price…and other components as referred in the user guide of Conditional Order posted on Website according to the link here.

  3. The Conditional Order will not be activated and/or executed if the Client does not have enough purchasing power and/or stock balance/position on securities trading account in accordance with the regulations so that the Conditional Order can be activated and executed.

  4. In the trading session, Conditional Order may be partially matched or unmatched in case the market price fluctuates too rapidly and the system’s order pushing speed cannot keep up with.

  5. When the Conditional Order is matched (partially or fully), it will lead to changes in the Client’s portfolio as follows: change in stock balance, opening new positions, partial closing of existing positions, closing all opening positions.

  6. Conditional Order is an online trading method, so there are always potential risks of online trading method. Client undertakes to accept all other risks, losses or damages arising from using Online trading service and/or performing online transactions due to system failure, fault of any third party or due to actions, manipulations of Client affecting the use of online trading service and/or perform online transactions, including but not limited to the risks specified in the ACCOUNT OPENING APPLICATION AND SECURITIES TRADING ACCOUNT OPENING CONTRACT or APPENDIX OF SERVICE REGISTRATION.

  7. Client agrees to release SSI from all liabilities arising from Client’s risks on online transactions.

  8. SSI has the right to amend and supplement the Terms and Conditions of Conditional Orders and apply them immediately after being amended and/or supplemented.


Please refer to the conditional orders appilacations here 
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