Daily Market Highlights

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Daily Market Highlights
Daily Market Highlights_Dec 4 2019

The derivative market surged in line with underlying VN30 . Liquidity posted at 119,447 contracts, worth of USD 447mn in value.

VN-Index up 1.3% to 965.9 pts while HNX-Index up 1.4% to 102.4 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Dec 3 2019

All future contracts tumbled with the basic gap heading to as much as 6-10pts range. Liquidity rose to 131,911 units, valued of USD 492mn.

VN-Index down 0.6% to 953.4 pts while HNX-Index up 0.2% to 101.1 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 29 2019

Future contracts traded mixed when VN30 underlying index recovered. Liquidity dropped to 68,591 contracts, worth of USD 260mn only.

VN-Index up 0.04% to 970.7 pts while HNX-Index up 0.2% to 102.5 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 28 2019

The future contracts slumped in line with the drop at underlying market. Liquidity improved to 82,034 units, valued of USD 311mn. OI at 18,868 contracts

VN-Index down 0.8% to 970.4 pts while HNX-Index down 0.9% to 102.3 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 27 2019

The future contracts ended lower when VN30 underlying index slid further. Liquidity increased to 75,841 contracts, with traded value of USD 291mn. OI at 20,027 contracts.

VN-Index up 0.1% to 978.2 pts while HNX-Index down 0.7% to 103.2 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 25 2019

All the future contracts ticked higher in line with VN30 underlying index. Liquidity improved to USD 368mn worth of 96,144 traded contracts. OI at 17,761  units.

VN-Index down 0.1% to 976.4 pts while HNX-Index up 0.4% to 103.5 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 22 2019

Jan future contracts sneaked into green zone while others maturities plunged. Liquidity improved to 90,119 contracts, worth of USD 347mn. OI at 12,914 contracts.

VN-Index down 1% to 977.8 pts while HNX-Index down 1.6% to 103.1 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 21 2019

All future contracts plunged in line with the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity increased to 77,817 contracts, worth of USD 302mn.

VN-Index down 1.3% to 987.9 pts while HNX-Index down 0.2% to 104.7 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 20 2019

Future contracts at all maturities plunged when the VN30 underlying index tumbled. Liquidity increased slightly to 61,577 contracts worth of USD 242mn. OI at 27,630 contracts.

VN-Index down 0.8% to 1000,6 pts while HNX-Index down 0.6% to 104.9 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 19 2019

The derivative markets surged following the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity stayed modest at 54,354 contracts, worth of USD 215mn in value.

VN-Index up 0.5% to 1008.4 pts while HNX-Index up 0.3% to 105.5 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 18 2019

Following the slump of the VN30 underlying index, all of the future contracts covered in red . Liquidity posted at 54,940 units at USD 218mn. OI at 26,965 contracts

VN-Index down 0.7% to 1002.9 pts while HNX-Index down 0.8% to 105.1 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_ENG - Daily Market Highlights_Nov 15 2019

The future market ended mixed when the underlying index VN30 closed higher. Liquidity increased slightly to USD 266mn worth of 66,810 traded contracts. OI at 25,926 units.

VN-Index down 0.2% to 1010.0 pts while HNX-Index down 0.2% to 106 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 14 2019

The future contracts pointed lower when VN30 underlying index slumped. Liquidity decreased slightly to 51,006 contracts worth of USD 203mn. OI at 25,910  contracts

VN-Index down 0.05% to 1012.3 pts while HNX-Index down 0.9% to 106.2 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 13 2019

Most of future contracts ended lower in line with the underlying index. Liquidity decelerated to 43,565 contracts at USD 180mn. OI at 22,199 contracts

VN-Index down 0.5% to 1012.8 pts while HNX-Index up 0.2% to 107.2 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Nov 12 2019

Future contracts advanced in line with the VN30 underlying index at all maturities. Liquidity improved to 54,396 contracts, worth of USD 218mn. OI 22,778 at  units.

VN-Index up 0.2% to 1018.3 pts while HNX-Index up 0.2% to 107.0 pts.


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