Daily Market Highlights

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Daily Market Highlights
Daily Market Highlights_Feb 25 2020

Futures inched higher in line with the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity surged to 163,276 contracts, with the traded value of USD 585mn.

All indices recovered and closed in the green thanks to the banking sector’s rally, topped by BID, CTG and VPB. HDB, MBB and TCB also followed the upward trend. Despite fellow lenders reversing yesterday’s loss, VCB continued to decline further. The three Vingroup tickers, namely VIC, VRE and VHM, weighed down on real estate whereas KDH, DXG, NVL and NLG rose slightly. The pressure of 2019-nCov outbreak still lingered on aviation among HVN and VJC. Oil & gas edged up amid global oil price continued to decline. Retail ended relatively positive as supported primarily by DGW and MWG. VNM soared while MSN drifted lower. Foreign investors remained on the net selling spree of USD 4.9mn worth of shares, mostly among NVL, HAG and VCB. Traded liquidity jumped to USD 177mn on HCM bourse.



Daily Market Highlights_Feb 24 2020

All the future contracts plunged as VN30 underlying index significantly dropped 3.62%. Liquidity continued to escalate to USD 468mn worth of 128,976 traded contracts. OI at 17,385 contracts.

VN-Index down 3.2% to 903.3 pts and likewise, HNX-Index down 3.6% to 104.2 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 21 2020

On the contrary to yesterday’s rally, all the future contracts plummeted in line with VN30 underlying index. Liquidity surged to 112,808 contracts with traded value of more than USD 421mn.

VN-Index and HNX-Index down to 933.1 pts (-0.5%) and 108.1 pts (-1.4%) respectively.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 20 2020

The derivative market continued in the green as VN30 underlying index inched up. Liquidity rose slightly to 89,782 contracts, with traded value of more than USD 336mn.

VN-Index up 1.0% to 938.1 pts and HNX-Index also up 0.3% to 109.6 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 19 2020

All the future contracts followed Vn30 underlying index higher. Liquidity stayed muted at 88,957 contracts, with traded value of USD 325mn.

VN-Index up 0.1% at 981.0 pts and HNX-Index down 0.7% to 102.6 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 18 2020

Selling pressure kept mounting in today trading session, sending HCMC bourse down by 0.7% and closed at 927.9 pts. This was mainly due to the crash at large caps tickers namely VIC, VHM, VRE, SAB, VNM and GAS. VIC topped the laggards list as investors worried about the prospect of additional listed swapped shares from SDI deal. SAB and VNM retreated ahead of the consequences of epidemic outbreak. Similarly, GAS, PVD and PVS plunged when there’s no sign of recovery of global oil price just yet. HPG slid by 2% also. On the winning side, banking sector was the main engine for the effort of regaining the green as they were expected to be less impacted by the virus  ACB, VPB, CTG, BID climbed higher. MWG, FPT gained when investors bet on the progress of Diamond ETF. Foreign investors’ net sold of USD 12mn worth of shares, led by CTG, VIC and NVL. Trade liquidity shrank to USD 106mn

VN-Index down 0.7% to 927.9 pts while HNX-Index up 0.5% to 110.1 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 13 2020

The VN30 underlying index has outpaced the future contracts at all maturities. Liquidity stay healthy at 131,691 contracts, worth of USD 478mn. Basic gaps was extended to 9-10 pts at the Feb and Mar contracts

VN-Index up 0.06% to 938.2 pts while HNX-Index up 0.3% to 108.2 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 12 2020

Derivative markets edged higher in line with the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity surged to 129,080 contracts, with traded value of USD 472mn. 

VN-Index up 0.1% to 908.8 pts while HNX-Index up 0.1% to 102.8 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 11 2020

Derivative markets ended in green in line with the underlying VN30-index. Liquidity decreased to 104,261 contracts, with traded value of USD 378mn. OI at 18,251 contracts.

VN-Index up 0.4% to 934.7 pts while HNX-Index up 0.8% to 104.8 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 10 2020

The future contracts ended lower due to the selloff at VN30 underlying index. The basic gaps turned negative as much as of 6 points at two nearest maturities

VN-Index down 0.9% to 932.4 pts while HNX-Index down 0.9% to 104 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 07 2020

All futures contracts surged in line with the rally of the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity decreased slightly to 75,846 units, valued of USD 282mn. OI at 17,131 contracts.

VN-Index up 1.2% to 960.2 pts while HNX-Index up 0.9% to 101.3 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 06 2020

The derivative markets surged following the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity improved to 140,904 contracts, worth of USD 511mn in value.

VN-Index up 1.4% to 938.5 pts while HNX-Index up 2.6% to 105.8 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 05 2020

Despite the surges of global indices, VN-index closed in red as the locking profit pressure mounted during the afternoon session. Local investors stayed cautious ahead of onsite nCoV fearing. Banking, consumer and aviation corrected while oil&gas anchored the green. SAB, BID, VCB, CTG and VJC have sent the HOSE bourse into the negative territory despite the effort of VNM, VPB and PLX. The selling pressure was also seen at other blue-chips namely VIC, NVL and GAS. Steel makers traded mixed when HPG, NKG slid, HSG ended higher. SAB suffered when the impact of Decree 100 has not been quantified yet. Foreign investors’ net bought position posed at USD 7.4mn. This mainly focused on DXG, VNM and HPG. Trade liquidity remained modest at USD 140mn on HOSE and approximately USD 12mn on HNX exchange.

VN-Index down 0.3% to 925.9 pts while HNX-Index up 0.6% to 103.2 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 04 2020

The derivative market ended in green mainly thanks to the recovery on the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity surged to 195,328 contracts, with the traded value of USD 699 mn. This could be understood as to hedge against the current turmoil

VN-Index up 0.1% to 929.1 pts while HNX-Index up 1.2% to 102.6 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 03 2020

Both bourses edged lower when the nCov outbreak continued to weigh on investors. After the opening bell, the market quickly crashed by more than 4% when panic selloffs sent most of the big-cap to lower limit. However, the local sentiment was improved as the bargain hunting kicked in and pared the losses. The recovery was mainly fuelled by key sectors namely banking, material and pharmaceuticals. BID, CTG, and VPB set flare for the recovery although others fellows banks TCB, MBB, ACB and LPB closed in red. Steel makers HPG, HSG advanced on foreign interest and positive Q4 earnings. Pharmaceutical firms persisted on the winning streak when the fears on Coronavirus kept looming. Oil& gas, on the other hand, was hit hard due to worries on global growth outlook. SAB plunged ahead of the Decree 100 Foreign investor net bough USD 2.5mn, topped by VHM, VNM and E1VFVN30. Traded liquidity surged to USD 170mn level

VN-Index down 0.9% to 928.1 pts and HNX-Index down 1% to 101.3 pts.


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