SSI Web Trading for equity market user guide

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SSI Web Trading for equity market user guide

Click on the tab “Account Management” à “Change Pin and verification types” à “Forgot Pin code”, enter Capcha then click “Accept”

For the purpose of support customers trading via SSI Contact Center easily and quickly, SSI Web Trading releases the function for registering information for trading via SSI Contact Center. 
On the menu bar, you click on “Account Information” => “Information on E-trading Services Registration” => “Register”

You read the agreement then click on “Next” to continue.

You fill in all your information registered for trading via SSI Contact Center:

  • Phone number: you may register a mobile phone number used to call CC. Format of phone number must be 10 digits starting from 09 and 11 digits starting from 01. This mobile phone number must not be registered for any other account.
  • Only authentication by incoming mobile number when you make a query on CC: with this option, you agree that when you query on IVR (Interactive Voice Response), the system will verify customers only by incoming mobile number. If you do not tick on this option, you will be require to enter your PIN or Token code as usual
  • Verification types: there are 2 types of verification: by PIN code and by Token code
  • CCPIN: PIN code is registered to use when calling SSI Contact Center. This PIN code only includes digits and has at least 4 numbers
  • Language: You can choose one of the four languages: Vietnamese, English, Japanese and Chinese. The system will serve you in this language when you call SSI Contact Center from your registered mobile number
  • Enter Capcha: you enter the capcha shown beside
  • PIN code/token (Web Trading): you use your PIN code or Token key which is used for all other functions on SSI Web Trading

All your registered information will be save at the memory of the SSI Contact Center system which will help the system to serve you quickly when you call SSI contact center then.

You can also view again your registered information, change it or unsubscribe your registered information:

All your updated information will be save at the memory of the SSI Contact Center system!

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