Fund Information

-122.40 (-1.33%) Updated at 24/05/2022
VLGF is a local mutual fund, catered to domestic and foreign individual and institutional investors.
The Fund pursues long-term capital appreciation and regular return through primarily invest in high quality stocks.

The Fund shall apply active investing to deliver a stable and sustainable total return, with a value-oriented style, focusing on high-quality stocks of companies with good corporate governance, strong business model with leading position within the industry, good financial situation, long-term growth prospect and attractive valuations.

The Fund may also invest in Government bonds to preserve capital and bring stable income for the Fund.


The Fund will primarily invest in equities, but will have flexibility in asset allocation based on market conditions and investment opportunities varying from time to time depending on investment view of the Fund Management Company, with the ultimate purpose to protect the Fund investors’ interest. However, the Fund’s asset allocation shall strictly comply with the Investment restrictions in Section 5 of the Prospectus.

Under favorable market conditions, the Fund shall invest the majority of the Fund’s asset into equities, the rest shall be invested in fixed income assets, cash, or cash equivalents. Among equity investment, the Fund may invest in companies with lower market capitalization and trading liquidity but meet such qualitative and quantitative criteria as corporate governance, business model, market position, financial situation, long-term growth prospect and valuations.

Temporary Investment strategy: When market and economic conditions are considered unfavorable, the Fund may apply a conservative strategy in order to preserve investors’ capital by investing up to 100% of the Fund’s assets in cash, cash equivalents and government bonds and other government-issued fixed income assets but still comply with the investment restrictions in Section 5 of the Prospectus. Under these circumstances, the Fund may not achieve its investment objective as compared to when under favorable market and economic conditions.