SSI Securities Corporation (SSI - HOSE) - was found in December 1999 as the first privately licensed securities firm and the smallest one in the market at that time. With 23 years of experience in the Vietnam financial market, the Company has become a leading financial institution, which has the fastest growth rate, with its charter capital increasing more than 2500 times.
With strong financial capability, high standard corporate governance, and professional human resource, SSI provides clients with a comprehensive range of financial products and services, maximizing shareholders’ value.
Currently, The Company has a wide network of Branches/ Transaction Offices, covering major cities throughout Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong.

Vision: The Business of Success

SSI Securities Corporation (SSI) operates based on the vision “The Business of Success”.
At the heart of all our products and services is a drive for achieving success. We help unlock opportunities in financial markets and turn these into prosperity and growth.
We put all our resources and ideas behind bringing success to our clients, our people, our shareholders and the communities we operate in.
Mission: Connecting Capital to Opportunities

SSI’s mission is to connect capital to opportunities. This mission unifies all the businesses under the SSI brand and will guide any future opportunities, which the brand may take on.
Core Values

Solutions-Led: We are focused on the outcome of making our customers successful, and we prioritize their individual needs over existing products or processes.
Skilled: We are experts in our industry and  our markets and will continually enhance our professional skills to provide the highest standards of service to our customers.
Inventive: We empower and encourage our people to find creative new ways to bring success to SSI and its customers.