Corporate Culture

During 18 years of development, besides achievements as recorded in numerous reports, statistics and awards, SSI’s unique corporate culture represents one of the biggest pride of the company and the core value in the company’s formation and development. It is these cultural distinctions of SSI that attract talents, inspire sense of pride and resilience to help the company overcome all difficulties and challenges, contributing to a strong “SSI Big Family” as today. SSI’s unique culture is demonstrated not only in the 9 business principles, but also in the consistent communication, key personnel solidarity and shared vision of each individual within SSI.
SSI’s 9 business principles have consistently been exerted in every activity of the Company and a declaration of its identity and band

Consistent internal communication is the key success factor in SSI’s corporate culture

As the company expands, consistent and seamless internal communication is crucial to all activities. Therefore, SSI has paid due attention to establishing and frequently improving internal communication channels so that it is complete, accessible and connecting all members.

Internal communication, via Internal newsletters and SSI Insider Forum, is a common voice across the entire company which effectively communicates the leadership’s messages to the members and vice versa and is crucial to the internal unity.

Nurture and promote SSI’s unique culture

SSI people are not only talents in the financial world with professionalism and expertise but also the people who know to work hard and play hard - a culture highly valued within the company.

GALA - Annual Meeting of SSI is held every year to gather SSI members from all over the country to meet, interact and participate in team building and honoring activities. This is the chance for all SSI staff to relax and have a great time with team building activities. On this occasion, people can look back and reflect on the past year(s), their highs and lows, thereby gaining momentum to aim towards next year’s goals.

SSI staff have not only passion in work but also many after-work activities to help relieve stress after work and enhance team spirit. Clubs like soccer, yoga, zumba, photography, etc. are maintained on an ongoing basis. Besides, SSI people also enthusiastically participate in friendly football, table tennis, tennis etc. tournaments and performance activities with Government agencies, securities company, banks and made high achievements.

Combination of unique personalities, innovation, professionalism and specific expertise in each SSI individual altogether has made SSI’s unity and harmonization

SSI perceives that a sustainable business must focus on internal resources, emphasizing personal development without overlooking harmonization so that every individual can maximize their strengths, minimize weaknesses and devote to the company’s mission and vision. Professional, enthusiastic staff who always strive to become an active factor in the company’s development is the greatest pride of SSI.

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