Corporate Culture

During nearly 20 years of development, besides achievements as recorded in numerous reports, statistics and awards, SSI’s unique corporate culture represents one of the biggest prides of the Company. With existence and development in line with formation and development of corporate, SSI’s unique culture is the “soul”, including core values, rules, management style, business methods and employees’ behaviors and attitudes. SSI’s unique culture is demonstrated not only in the 9 business principles, but also in the consistent communication, key personnel solidarity and shared vision of each individual within SSI.
SSI’s 9 business principles have consistently been exerted in every activity of the Company and a declaration of its identity and band

Consistent internal communication is the key success factor in SSI’s corporate culture

As the company expands to many provinces and cities across the country, consistent and seamless internal communication is crucial to all activities. Therefore, during the past years, SSI has established its internal communication channel, it is maintained and frequently improved so that it is complete, connecting and accessible to all employees and playing an important role in internal solidarity.

SSI believes that an effective communication channel to from the Management to employees will strengthen the solidarity between them. The business strategies, plans or targets are communicated internally through messages from the Chairman and General Director, helping employees understand thoroughly and agree with SSI’s operation opinions.

Not only an effective communication channel to convey information from the Management to employees, Internal Communication is also a communication channel, connecting members in the Company, not only playing an important role in internal harmony but also connecting for spread and development of SSI’s culture.

Nurture and promote SSI’s unique culture

SSI people are not only talents in the financial world with steady expertise, professional working style and induration before difficulties but also the people who know to work hard and play hard - a culture highly valued within the company.

SSI Gala is an annual corporate culture and the most important event for SSI employees. This is an opportunity for the members to present, meet and greet and join the activities for connection and honors. In addition to the relaxation and enjoyment of the joyful and refreshing moments in the team building activities, SSI members will have some reflections on the past journey, including achievements and ongoing issues in the operation of the previous year, from which they can be more motivated and committed to together work on the goal of the following year.

Recognition and feedback are one of the factors to help SSI employees enhance their solidarity to SSI. The award “Employee of the year” and annual ceremony to honor of Business Units are the most honor and anticipated award every year. With the nomination and selection within whole Company, the award honors SSI individuals who have been and will continue to have the significant contributions to the development of SSI. The award highlights the core values of SSI, that focus on individuals, and encourages further efforts and development of the members themselves.

Beside pursuing passion at work, SSI people also engage in many after-work activities to help relieve stress after work and enhance team spirit. Clubs like soccer, yoga, zumba, photography, etc. are maintained on a regular basis. Besides, SSI people also enthusiastically participate in friendly tournaments such as football, table tennis, tennis etc and performance activities with Government agencies, securities company, banks and achieved some outstanding achievements.

Combination of unique personalities, innovation, professionalism and specific expertise in each SSI individual altogether has made SSI’s unity and harmonization

SSI perceives that a sustainable business must focus on internal resources, emphasizing personal development without overlooking harmonization so that every individual can maximize their strengths, minimize weaknesses and devote to the company’s mission and vision. All our professional and enthusiastic staffs not only strive to become a valuable factor contributing to the company’s development but also show solidary, cooperation, sharing and complement toward each other and this is the greatest price of SSI.

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