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During nearly 21 years of development, SSI's unique corporate culture represents one of the biggest prides of the Company. That uniqueness stems from the most minute details carried out by SSIers on a day-to-day basis: when interacting with customers, colleagues and partners; a culture that is nurtured through time, persistently and consistently. The SSI culture, with core values, rules, management style, business methods and employees' behaviors and attitudes, is the "soul" that carries that uniqueness. These cultural distinctions of SSI ingrain in every SSIer, continuing to accumulate on the journey of over two decades, building an understanding, love and pride for the Company. From there, a strength of unity is born, becoming a bridge that connects each individual, forming the great SSI family. During challenging times, corporate culture is one of the key aspects that helps SSIers in proving their capabilities, overcoming obstacles and achieving new heights

At SSI, these 9 business principles are also core values of the Company and guiding principles of all SSI employees and activities. The meanings embedded in the SSI’s 9 business principles encompass all aspects from working culture, communication within the Company, communication with Customers, and behavioral culture to the Community and Society. These are sustainable values that remain unchanged regardless of time and external conditions.

"SSI’s 9 business principles have consistently been exerted in every activity of the Company and a declaration of its identity and brand"
SSI's distinctive features are clearly conveyed not only in the "9 business principles" but also in the unity in information distribution, the development of core human resources, and the solidarity with a shared vision by each member within the Company.

Along with the Vision of "The Business of Success" and the Mission of "Connecting Capital to Opportunities", the above business principles help SSI individuals understand their positions and responsibilities and develop their pride in each person in the Company to which they are committed. The love for SSI, the pride, values and results are aspects that the Company achieved throughout the 21 years journey of leading and prospering. These values are made clear to the staff members right from the orientation sessions and then are continuously repeated as reminders on the internal media, events and training. And this is also the legacy and motivation for SSI employees to pass it down to future generations; thus, whether in any role or position, every employee is always proud to be a SSIer.

During the journey, SSI has focused on developing an open working environment, strengthening the spirit of solidarity, cooperation, creativity and pioneering to conquer all difficulties and challenges. The smooth and unified transmission within the enterprise has spread the culture to individuals, helping to connect talents, convey pride and create collective strength. Since the first day of establishment, the Board of Directors has advocated building SSI with transparency as the top priority. Transparency becomes a unique culture, which is strengthened, transmitted and preserved through all levels and generations of the Company. SSI always emphasizes compliance with the law, and code of conduct in order to create a basis to protect employees from risks in business activities. Along with that is the commitment to empower the team and create an open working environment that makes SSI become the ideal working environment.

"Transparency, unity and comprehension in internal communication activities is an important aspect in the success of creating and developing SSI corporate culture"

With nearly 1,300 employees in many provinces and cities across the country, throughout the years, the development and maintaining the system of internal information transmission channels have been continuously invested and improved by SSI to become more and more optimal. SSI believes that an effective communication channel from the Board of Directors to employees will strengthen the solidarity between them. The business strategies, plans or targets are communicated internally through messages from the Chairman and CEO, helping employees understand thoroughly and agree with SSI's operation opinions. Not only an effective communication channel to convey information from the Board of Directors to employees, but Internal Communication is also a communication channel, connecting members in the Company, not only playing an important role in internal harmony but also connecting for the spread and development of SSI's culture.

In parallel with receiving information through the Internal Newsletter circulated for the past 9 years, SSIers can also interact through the internal forum SSI Insider. This is a place for SSI individuals to share not only information and events but also their work and life experiences, joys and laughter, and even sadness. The calls for charity and volunteer activities, instructions for health training and care, or interesting minigames are the top topics that SSI employees enthusiastically participate in after stressful working hours. Two-dimensional listening and interaction can be said to be one of the keys for SSI to promote and spread its corporate culture effectively. Through surveys, e-mail campaigns, online voting, or direct comments on internal communication channels, the Board of Directors may approach the desires, viewpoints and suggestions from employees, then have proper changes in making business decisions and plans, and improve the working environment.


2021 was a year full of changes in working methods and working environment as a result of the pandemic; Internal Communications has been flexible in providing information and plays an important role in building employee trust, inspiring confidence and keeping SSI's work spirit during the most difficult times. A constant, timely and complete frequency of posting information, along with an intuitive and easy-to-understand method of presentation, is one of the factors that helps SSIer stay calm and keep up the pace of work even under pressure, using a rotating work-from-home policy. Furthermore, to celebrate 21 years of establishment of SSI, a series of internal activities named “SSI ambassador” provided a chance for SSIer to look back at their journeys, strengthen the bonding with the Company and colleagues through engaging minigame activities that were extremely exciting and meaningful. It can be said that the investment in the Internal Communication platform over the years has really shown its role and position in the new normal when members and the Company have little direct interaction but mainly maintain engagement through these channels.

"Nurture and promote SSI's unique culture"

SSI people are not only talents in the financial world with steady expertise, professional working style and induration before difficulties but also the people who know to work hard and play hard – a culture highly valued within the Company.

As per every year, events such as SSI Gala – the biggest annual event or Family Day – a special day for SSIer and family members, are usually held with great investment; in 2021, under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, to ensure the health and safety of the Company's employees, these events could not take place. However, the Company still ensured to provide activities to build corporate culture by flexibly adapting, changing and converting into online forms. In particular, livestreams from SSI’s leaders to convey messages about the Company's orientation to employees as well as to encourage employee morale at any location in the country. There were also livestreams with minigames on SSI Insiders to bring people closer together and also help employees reduce stress after stressful trading hours. Through these activities, the spirit of sharing and learning also spread among employees. These activities show that, even under difficult circumstances, the Company is well aware that SSI's greatest asset is its people, and SSI will always encourage the striving and personal development of each member.

Flexibility, solidarity and willingly to cope with all difficulties are the key phrases that were mentioned the most in 2021. Despite many limitations, SSI's physical activities were still maintained throughout the year. Despite many interruptions due to objective conditions, the three clubs, including Yoga Club, Football Club and Jogging Club - SSI Runner, still attracted a large number of employees to join. In particular, SSI Runner continued to be a bright spot by holding many activities such as virtual running, group activities and weekly activities, creating an extensive training movement, contributing to improvements in the staff's physical and mental well-being. In addition, numerous members of the club have also participated in many Marathon running tournaments with a distance of 21km, 42km across the country, thereby spreading the spirit of SSI internally and actively promoting the image of SSI people externally.

In parallel with the welfare policy, these events/activities are the linkages, contributing significantly to the development of a connected and united team. Not just a workplace, SSI wishes to be a second family to its members, where colleagues can find professionalism, friendliness and positivity, promote their capacities and still have a work-life balance.


In recent years, SSI’s young human resources have been increasing according to the expansion and development of the Company's business. They are colorful strokes that create a more vivid cultural picture with new, diverse and dynamic shades.

"The combination of unique personalities, innovation, professionalism and specific expertise in each SSI individual altogether has made SSI's unity and harmonization."

The success of an enterprise depends not only on the expertise of each member of the Company but also on the suitability and cohesion of the whole team. If SSI were to be a complete entity, then each employee is a cell in that organism. Unity, support, and resonance are factors for SSI people to overcome a difficult year due to the effects of the pandemic. In difficult times, the qualities of SSI people shine brighter than ever. SSIers always strive to learn and improve knowledge, take the initiative at work for better performance, and always supporting one another to better themselves. SSIers always implement the Company's culture and core values as guiding principles for behavior adjustment in the most common direction, consistent with the Company's general development orientation. As an enterprise with a 21 years long history, a decisive factor that helps SSI thrive is that SSI always upholds unity across the entire Company, team spirit, and teamwork, which are shown in the 9 business principles, internal communication and other activities.

As a sustainable business, SSI always regards people as the most valuable asset of the Company; from there, SSI creates pathways for emphasizing personal development without overlooking internal harmonization so that every individual can devote themselves to the Company's mission and vision. The success of each individual is also the collective success of the Company. Every character and every talent coming to SSI will resonate with SSI's core values: Solution-led, Skilled, Inventive; from there, cooperate together, support each other and develop together.

2020 marked an important milestone when SSI becomes a Hero Collective when it was honored to receive the title “Hero of Labor in the innovation period” awarded by the Party and State, but it did not stop there; SSI will continue to reach higher and farther to make our name a legend.

This recognition is not only a testament to the contributions and achievements that SSI people have made but also to the tenacity of a team that has been trained through difficulties in order to fulfil common ideals. That is also the greatest pride of SSI and also the driving force for the Company to continue on the next journey to bring SSI to new heights.

The SSI Cultural Journey not only pursues the dream of eternal growth, but each SSIer also recognizes their values and mission: not only bring success to individuals, the Company, but the responsibility of SSIer is also to spread success and good values to customers, shareholders and the community in order to “not making hero fading into oblivion, but becoming legend".

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