Corporate Culture

During nearly 21 years of development, besides achievements as recorded in numerous reports, statistics and awards, SSI’s unique corporate culture represents one of the biggest pride of the Company. With existence and development in line with the formation and development of corporate, SSI’s unique culture is the “soul”, including core values, rules, management style, business methods and employees’ behaviors and attitudes. It is these cultural distinctions of SSI that ingrain in the belief and promote its importance, contribute to form the strength, connect employees and establish a foundation to help the company overcome all difficulties and challenges, contributing to a strong “SSI Big Family” as today. SSI’s unique culture is demonstrated not only in the 9 business principles, but also in the consistent communication, key personnel solidarity and shared vision of each individual within SSI.
SSI’s 9 business principles have consistently been exerted in every activity of the Company and a declaration of its identity and brand

Consistent internal communication is the key success factor in SSI’s corporate culture

Since the first day of establishment, the Board of Directors has advocated building SSI with transparency as the top priority. Transparency becomes a unique culture, which is strengthened, transmitted and preserved through all levels and generations of the Company. SSI always emphasizes compliance with the law, code of conduct, in order to create a basis to protect employees from risks in business activities. Along with that is the commitment to empower the team and create an open working environment that makes SSI become the ideal working environment.

With nearly 1,000 employees in many provinces and cities across the country, consistent and seamless internal communication is crucial to all activities. Therefore, during the past years, SSI has established its internal communication channel, it is maintained and frequently improved so that it is complete, connecting and accessible to all employees and playing an important role in internal solidarity. SSI believes that an effective communication channel from the Management to employees will strengthen the solidarity between them. The business strategies, plans or targets are communicated internally through messages from the Chairman and General Director, helping employees understand thoroughly and agree with SSI’s operation opinions. 

Not only an effective communication channel to convey information from the Management to employees, but Internal Communication is also a communication channel, connecting members in the Company, not only playing an important role in internal harmony but also connecting for the spread and development of SSI’s culture. 

Every year, SSI always makes a key message for all officers and employees to have a viewpoint, target and jointly make efforts to create the best results. 2020 with the message Connection for sustainable future and the decisive image of diffuse circles and inner fingerprints which represents the identity of SSI that shines in the crucial movement of the pivotal year. 2020 - the 20th year of the Vietnamese stock market and SSI - a year with many innovative and innovative directions in many activities, affirming SSI's leading position. All these stories are communicated thoroughly through Internal Newsletters and Internal Forum. 

SSI employees jointly desire to help SSI prosper well into the future. Through internal channels, each SSIer also sees their values and mission: not only bringing success to individuals and the Company, but their responsibilities are also to spread success and good values to Customers, Shareholders and Community in order to “not reduce heroes into oblivion, but instead transcend heroes into legends".

Nurture and promote SSI’s unique culture

SSI people are not only talents in the financial world with steady expertise, professional working style and induration before difficulties but also the people who know to work hard and play hard - a culture highly valued within the company. 

Unfortunately, due to the influence of the Covid-19, SSI Gala - the biggest annual event of the year and Family Day – the event for employees and relatives, could not take place in 2020 in order to ensure the safety of employees. However, the Company still ensures to provide activities to build corporate culture by flexibly adapting, changing and converting into online forms. Typically, the Honoring Ceremony for Securities Services has been changed to an online ceremony, instead of being held in the traditional form. Sending recognition emails, posting information on online newsletters at each location, awarding certificates of merit and rewards directly to each individual, uploading individual itineraries and achievements of dedicated representative, were the steps that were taken. Through these activities, the spirit of sharing and learning also spread among employees. These activities show that, even under difficult circumstances, we are well aware that SSI greatest asset is its people and we always encourage the striving and personal development of each member.

Flexibility, solidarity and always ready to cope with all difficulties are the key phrases that are mentioned the most in 2020. Despite many limitations, SSI's physical activities are still maintained throughout 2020. Despite many interruptions due to objective conditions, the three clubs including Yoga Club, Football Club and Jogging Club - SSI Runner, still attract a large number of employees to join. 

In parallel with the welfare policy, these events/activities are the linkages, contributing significantly to the development of a connected and united team. Not just a workplace, SSI wishes to bring a truly friendly, positive environment and create the most favorable conditions for SSI individuals to promote their capacities, work with all their hearts and souls at the Company.

The combination of unique personalities, innovation, professionalism and specific expertise in each SSI individual altogether has made SSI’s unity and harmonization.

SSI’s success depends on the life and expertise of each member working at the Company. However, it takes more than a single talent to build a sustainable business. A sustainable business must focus on internal resources, emphasizing personal development without overlooking internal harmonization so that every individual can devote to the company’s mission and vision. The staff are not only professional and enthusiastic but also always strive to become an active factor in the company’s development. Over the past 21 years, SSI was honored to receive the Title “Hero of Labor” in the renovative period by the State. The recognition is not only a testament to the contributions and achievements that SSI people have made, but also to the tenacity of a team that has been trained through difficulties in order to fulfill common ideals. That is also the greatest pride of SSI and also the driving force for us to continue on the next journey to bring SSI to new heights.

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