Corporate Governance

SSI always upholds good corporate governance as one of the most important factors ensuring corporate sustainable development, thus winning investor confidence

Corporate Governance
SSI always upholds good corporate governance as one of the most important factors ensuring corporate sustainable development, thus winning investor confidence and maximizing investor interest. This, in its turn, contributes to the development of the entire market and the wider community. SSI’s governance function is built and gradually fine-tuned based on the best practices of corporate governance in the region and the world such as the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard, which is coupled with strict compliance with Vietnam’s regulatory provisions on the governance of public companies. Risk management and compliance are also emphasized, creating a unified and consistent management mechanism to monitor and regulate the business operations in a professional, transparent and effective manner.
SSI focuses on Corporate Governace
At SSI, the BOD holds the highest responsibility regarding SSI’s sustainable development strategy. The Chief Executive Officer and the Management Board are responsible for building and implementing goals and plans, as well as sharing and ensuring that all sustainable development initiatives are understood and adopted throughout the Company, from business units and departments to each and every employee.
SSI's Governance structure


In the context of rapid growth in both numbers of accounts and transactions, the Company's risk management policies and procedures continued to be completed and updated, in line with business practices as well as risks arising from new business operations such as derivative securities. Risk management activities are carried out seamlessly from top to bottom, initiated by the BOD through the development of business strategy and risk tolerance limits for each type of risks and each specific Business Unit.

Compliance control at SSI is performed through the Adit Committee’s supervision over the BOD, the Board of Management as well as the BOD’s supervision over the BOM. In daily activities, the Management relies on Internal Control function to carry out compliance control within the Company.

The Internal Control performs the control of the Company’s units to ensure staff and their respective departments’ compliance with relevant regulations of law as well as internal rules and processes.

The Legal Department performs legal advisory function, inspects and monitors the launch of products, and issuance of internal processes and rules as well as the Company’s transactions with third parties in order to ensure compliance with law and mitigate legal risks for the Company. The Legal Department is also responsible for updating newly issued regulatory documents for the BOD, the Management and relevant units. It also studies the impacts of draft regulatory documents on the Company’s activities for proper preparation.

In terms of corporate governance training, members of the BOD, the Board of Management, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accountant, and the Company Secretary all completed the training course on Corporate Governance and were granted certificates by SSC. The representative in charge of Corporate Governance and Company Secretary also completed the 3rd Director Certification Program (DCP3) organized by the Vietnam Institute of Directors in August 2019.

At SSI, top priority has always been given to the protection of shareholders' interests and equality. Shareholders’ basic rights such as the right to receive dividends, to attend and vote at Shareholders’ Meetings, to be engaged in decisions relating to the Company’s fundamental changes, etc. are expressly provided for in the Company’s Charter and have been properly exercised over the years.

SSI has over the years strived to diversify its information channels to include corporate website, email, mass media, shareholders’ meetings, annual reports, etc. This serves to facilitate shareholders’ complete, accurate and timely access to important information and to insulate them from adverse impacts on their investment decisions. Moreover, the disclosure of information both in English and Vietnamese was remarkably improved. This ensures equal access to corporate information between local and foreign shareholders/investors.  In Sep 2015, SSI was the very first listed company that lift its foreign ownership limit up to 100%, removing the final legal barriers to equal treatment between domestic and foreign investors.