Action for Clients

Clients’ trust is the foundation for SSI’s sustainable development. Thus, SSI always focuses on exploring ways to bring customers complete satisfaction

Action for Clients
Clients’ trust is the foundation for SSI’s sustainable development. Thus, SSI always focuses on exploring ways to bring customers complete satisfaction by professionally designing products/services to meet individual needs of each client; Besides, the Company constantly seeks to innovate, improve and enhance the quality of its products/services; provide flexible and dynamic customer care service; coordinate with the media to raise awareness of market-related issues, and help build up trust of customers. 
SSI especially focuses on below activities:
  • Safe and transparent management of Investors’ assets 

Despite fierce competition at the market, SSI has always been consistent with its principles of treasuring customers and observing the laws, not only to make profits but also to protect Investors from losses and to build a more transparent stock market. In the past few years, SSI effectively managed assets for domestic and foreign Investors, contributing to maintaining the confidence of investors in the Vietnam’s stock market and building up a stable economy. All customer accounts were managed in a safe and secure manner.

As for asset management, SSIAM has been constantly striving to attract new clients as well as to effectively manage the assets of its current ones. SSIAM always strives to improve its management on assets entrusted by customers. Procedures for investment, risk management and internal control have been well-run and professional, not only complying with legal requirements but also minimizing conflicts of interest that may have negative effects on benefits of Investors.

  • Pioneer in development of new products

On August 2017, the Vietnam’s derivatives market officially went live, considered as a very important channel to improve the efficiency of the underlying stock market, attract more capital, as well as increase the transaction values and liquidity for the market. As the No. 1 securities company in the market, SSI boasted its pioneering position as one of the first securities companies to be granted certificates by the SSC for trading derivatives and bridging derivatives transactions with the HNX, and was one of the two general clearing members of the market.

For underlying stock market, SSI also launched new products to offer recommendations such as Stock Ratings, Stock Quick View, and other products based on fundamental and technical analysis to bring about short-term and long-term investment ideas to customers.

  • Flexible and dynamic customer care policy

With regards to the organization of its customer care personnel, SSI maintains a policy of constant separation of customer care teams in charge of existing customers versus prospective, institutional customers versus retail ones, local customers and foreign ones. For the purpose of optimized service quality, foreign retail customers are classified by language while foreign institutional ones are classified by location.

“Always listening” is the slogan to which each agent of SSI’s Call Center, which operates the two hotline numbers 1900 545471 and 1900 545418, adheres. The operation of these two call centers demonstrates SSI’s goodwill in offering the best of services to its customers. All transactions performed via the call centers are processed promptly, which helps save 80% of the time compared with conventionally processed ones.

  • Active exchange of market information and investment opportunities via media & seminars
An effective channel for sharing information and investment opportunities SSI organizes for its Customers is its non-profit seminars. Gateway to Vietnam Conferences organized by SSI in 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2017 has become one of the most expected events for investors and corporates; where they have the chance to network, establish & enhance their connections as stepping stones to better investment & business opportunities.
With presentations and opinions from policy makers, macroeconomists, investment advisers, bankers and businesses - participants that were important to the overall health of the economy, Gateway to Vietnam brings foreign investors a closer look at Vietnamese economy via a real, transparent and multidimensional prism.