As a market leader, SSI understands that corporate responsibilities not only involve business development, but also goals to direct and contribute to the


As a market leader, SSI understands that corporate responsibilities not only involve business development, but also goals to direct and contribute to the long-term growth of the economy, environment and society. 

Aiming at building a prosperous and strong Vietnam, over the past 22 years, SSI has spent more than VND 132 billion for community activities to initiate and accompany meaningful charity programs, focusing on sustainable activities which make a long-term impact on the development of localities across Vietnam. SSI is always ready to join hands whenever the country is in need.

Aligning with this strategy, SSI continued to allocate more than VND 8.42 billion for community activities. In which, 80% of its funding budget to educational development and investment for the young generation in 2022, and 20% remainder going toward social welfare activities.




SSI believes that investing in people is the best way to foster Vietnam’s capable human capital for the next generations, contributing to the future of the nation. Thus, education always remains SSI’s top priority in its Activity for Community principle. Since 2006, SSI has spent more than 35% of its budget funding educational development activities, specifically school building, supporting underprivileged students, and granting scholarships to those with good achievements, encouraging activities of Vietnamese international students around the world, etc. 

With a focus on fostering the country’s next generation, especially well-trained and high-quality young human resources, in 2022, SSI made sponsor through the following noteworthy activities:

Since 2019, about VND 1.3 billion has been provided to 6 major universities in Hanoi as part of SSI and NDH Scholarship Fund’s joint program to provide scholarships to disadvantaged students achieving exceptional academic accomplishments;

Sponsoring student talent contests nationwide to seek for and give students in all fields the opportunities to shine;

Organizing securities investment competitions on iWin stock market simulator to lead the way for a new generation of investors in the market, sharing knowledge to help young investors become financially independent and master their future;

Accompanying the U.S Vietnamese Youth and Students Association with career orientation and to supporting the development of creative business ideas, giving opportunities for Vietnamese talents to shine and succeed;

Sponsoring an educational project named "STEAM for Vietnam" to help Vietnamese children develop math, science, technology, engineering, and art skills with the desire to deliver the best and most comprehensive educational environment;

A series of activities to accompany and advise students on career opportunities at SSI with different universities in the field of Finance - Economics across the country as a solid foundation, enabling students to go further in the future;

Sponsoring VND 1.5 billion for the "Scholarship program to support underprivileged and ethnic minority students" of the Labor Newspaper in order to improve the quality of education in disadvantaged areas as well as encourage further education among students living in poverty and their families.

In addition to educational investment activities, in 2022, SSI also paid special attention to disadvantaged children:

SSI annually cooperates with Binh An Development Center under the Friends for Street Children Association (FFSC) to provide gifts and organize a Mid-Autumn Festival for underprivileged children in Ho Chi Minh City;

Contributing to the National Fund for Vietnamese Children in Ly Thai To ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi;

Presenting 2,000 Mid-Autumn festival gifts to disadvantaged children in Ben Tre province.

From those seemingly small steps, SSI will continue to be a guide to inspire and lead the young generation to a bright and successful future, unlocking a brilliant era for the country.


Persistent with the motto of creating sustainable values for society, SSI has always been at the forefront of implementing disaster prevention activities in many localities across the country, paying attention to community support to provide the public with more knowledge and improve productivity.

With the philosophy “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, the projects selected by SSI are always practical and long-term projects, bringing the localities and people more resources for economic development. 

The community flood-proof house at Ha Tinh Provincial People’s Committee funded by SSI has become a "lifesaver" for the residents. Not only serving as an evacuation place for property and livestock, this is also a shelter for the elderly and children, ensuring absolute safety during floods;

Building and investing more than VND 5.3 billion in the “Program to concretize traffic lanes and alleys" in the area of two communes, including My Hanh Nam and Duc Hoa Dong, Duc Hoa district, Long An province, contributing to trade connection, flooding prevention, improving the landscape as well as waste collection and transportation capacity, avoiding environmental pollution;

Donating thousands of sows, cows, and chicken breeds to improve the livelihood of poor and near-poor households in the districts in Quang Tri province & nine border districts in Cao Bang province. Up to now, these livestock breeds have been multiplied and increased many times, bringing great and sustainable economic value to people;

Planting forests with green trees that, after many years of growth, can be used to enhance the daily lives as well as training activities of soldiers and locals on Truong Sa island, covering the island in the green of hundreds of plant species, contributing to environmental protection and the island sovereignty;

Building bridges for the locals to help connect areas divided by rivers and streams in Ca Mau, inspiring the residents to keep overcoming difficulties to increase their earnings and contribute to the overall growth of the nation.

After 22 years of persistent efforts to develop a more beautiful and prosperous Vietnam, SSI has been and will always be a guide to accompany and share difficulties, demonstrating responsibility to the community and society under the principle of "We strive to better the communities in which we work".