Financial Services

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Financial Services


Being the leading financial institution in Vietnam’s financial market, SSI is the pioneer in setting up the highest standards of financial products and services, as well as giving its best to provide investors creative, efficiency, perfect financial solutions and risk management system. SSI’s brokers are proud to be the most talented human resources in the field, who have thorough knowledge of the market, professional business manner, and always available to connections to obtain proper investment solutions for investors’ all kinds of investing demands.

Brokerage service at SSI includes trading account management, technical analysis and order support, listed and unlisted stocks broking, put-through transaction…



  • “Cash advance” is a financial service, by which SSI provides investors cash in advance right after their stocks selling orders are successfully matched. There is no longer waiting for cash to be transferred to investors’ account at date T+ 2 according to current regulation.
  • Investors may register for automatically cash advance (this service is available to common stocks trading account only) to increase buying power immediately after the previous stocks selling order has been matched.
  • Current fee: Please be advised here
  • Register channels:
  • “Margin trading” is a financial service, in which SSI provides investors an investment loan to invest in approved shares. The approved portfolio is given by State Securities Commission of Vietnam.
  • Target customer: Domestic individual investors and domestic institution investors having common stocks trading account opened at SSI (according to regulation)
  • Interest rate: 12%/year (360days) (The interest rate changes from time to time)
  • Tenor: 90 days (extendable extra 90 days more)
  • Credit limit: Up to 70 billion VND
  • Lending rate: 10% - 50%
  • Service maintenance fee: Free


Shareholders’ register books management is the service which issuing organization gives authority to SSI to conduct jobs relating to shareholders management on behalf of it, such as the follow:

  • List of shareholders management
  • Shareholders’ rights management and exercise
  • Confirmation and transferring management for shareholders
  • Stocks depository when listing or transaction registering


SSI provides stocks depository for investors then re-deposit them at Vietnam Securities Depository center. Depository service includes stocks depository (depository, withdrawal, stocks transferring and receiving, stocks pledging and release pledging), and exercise of rights relating to listed securities (Right to receive bonds principal/interest, right to receive dividend in cash or in securities, bonus stocks, right to participate annual general meeting, right to buy new issued equity, right to shares swap, right to convert to convertible bonds).

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