VCBF Midcap Growth Fund (VCBF – MGF) Fund Name:  Name of the Fund in English: VCBF Midcap Growth Fund Name of the Fund in Vietnamese: Quỹ

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VCBF Midcap Growth Fund (VCBF – MGF)

  1. Fund Name: 
  • Name of the Fund in English: VCBF Midcap Growth Fund
  • Name of the Fund in Vietnamese: Quỹ Đầu Tư Cổ Phiếu Tăng Trưởng VCBF
  • Abbreviated name: VCBF MGF
  1. Fund Manager: 
  • Vietcombank Fund Management (VCBF)
  • Head Office: 15th Fl., Vietcombank Tower, 198 Tran Quang Khai Str., Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Tel: (84 - 24) 3936 4540                                                    Fax: (84 24) 3936 4542

3. Supervisory bank: Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam

4. Type and Duration of Fund: open-ended fund & unlimited

5. Trading date:

Every Wednesday (by 30/06/2022)

Every Tuesday and Thursday (From 01/07/2022).

6. Par value: VND10,000 per Unit (during IPO only)

7. Number of Fund units to be offered: unlimitted

8. Minimum limit for Intitial Subscription: VND 100,000  (one hundred thousand Vietnamese Dongs)

9. Subsequent investments: From VND 100,000   (one hundred thousand Vietnamese Dongs)

10.  Investment objective, Asset allocation and Investment strategy

  • Investment objective: is primarily to provide medium to long term capital appreciation.
  • Asset allocation:

The Fund will primarily invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (“HSX”) and the Ha Noi Stock Exchange (“HNX”) which have a mid market capitalization and are liquid.

The Fund follows a blend of value and growth style of investing.

The Fund will follow a bottom-up approach to selecting stocks for investment, focusing on the individual attributes of a company, and choosing companies across sectors.

  • Investment strategy:
    • The Fund will invest up to 100% of the Fund's total assets in listed or registered shares, or plan to list/register for trading in accordance with current regulationsIn which the majority and shares of medium-cap and high-growth companies.

11. Benchmark

The VNMIDCAP Index shall be the benchmark. To learn more, please refer to documents about VCBF – MGF fund:

In order to get more information, please kindly call SSI Contact Center 1900545471/ 028 39141678 press 19 or direct through Branches or Transaction Office.

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