Our services


We are the 1st and leading broker in Vietnam offering a wide range of sales, trading, execution, custody and settlements in cash equity and equity-related products for institutional clients located around the world. In addition, we are also active broker of fix-incomed products.

Investment Research

SSI has built the most capable Research team in Vietnam with 16 analysts based in both HCMC and Hanoi. We have dynamic, creative and analytical research professionals certified by CFA and ACCA association. In addition to being passionate about the research field, our analysts possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

We provide research on the top 75 listed stocks in Vietnam, and many more. Coverage includes analyzing and writing in-depth reports and creating earnings models to predict future financial outcomes. The research team also delivers daily market commentary, macroeconomic outlook, sector studies, IPO & listing reports, earnings preview and updates, company visit notes and investment strategy reports. We aim to provide our clients with differentiated investment insights to help them make timely and informed investment decisions.

Corporate Access

Our dedicated Corporate Access team provides a full suite of consultative and logistics services to bring together institutional investors and corporate clients nationwide.

Our events range from sector-specific conferences, roadshows, industry expert events, conference calls and bespoke trips to help client fill out the mosaic used to make investment decisions. The team provides public companies with in-depth intelligence on prospective investors while conducting shareholder analysis and recommending investor relation schedules. We leverage ongoing dialogue with corporate investor relations teams to explain and address market perceptions about individual investments, and how a company might improve its own attractiveness to such investors.


Vietnam futures market commenced operations in 2018, and we are the 1st broker having a derivatives brokerage team to take care of institutional clients. We provide sales, execution, custody and settlements in the area of derivatives trading.

We have experts available to provide unrivalled breadth of coverage in this new market, with an extensive range of trading and hedging strategies, coupled with other intellectual content.