Sustainable Growth

With the vision “The Business of Success”, SSI has always considered the delivery of optimal efficiency and best interests to Customers, Partners,

Sustainable Growth

With the vision “The Business of Success”, SSI has always considered the delivery of optimal efficiency and best interests to Customers, Partners, Collaborators, Shareholders, and Community as the company’s victory. SSI is aware of the fact that if a business focused only on separate short-term development goals without placing special importance on long-term growth in correlation with the whole economy, that business could not survive. Especially, in the challenging business environment due to the ups and downs in the macroeconomy, the stock market is predicted to fluctuate considerably these years. In addition, to stand firm in the face of rising competition from domestic and international securities companies, SSI needs to incorporate sustainable development goals into the company’s development strategy to consolidate its position as the leading financial institution in Vietnam and break into the international market. Therefore, SSI’s long-term strategy is to ensure the company’s sustainable development in parallel with the sustainable development of the Vietnamese financial market, which practically contributes to society, besides, the company also emphasizes each individual’s role to play in a joint effort to protect the environment.

In 2021, SSI kept on implementing the above-mentioned sustainable development strategy, maintaining a balance between economic – social – environmental goals, and the Company attained impressive achievements. In the positive market context, SSI also set a new record in business activities. Net revenue reached VND 7,786 billion, an increase of 72% compared to 2020. Profit before tax of the whole Company reached VND 3,365 billion, exceeding 60% of the year plan with a growth of 116% compared to 2020, and an increase of 26% compared to 2019 and 2020 combined. This result continues to put the Company in the list of enterprises with the largest contribution to the State budget and generated sustainable values for Shareholders. In addition, the company also offered an indirect contribution to economic – social development by pioneering initiatives as follows: implementing business consultancy with drastic measures to mobilize capital, which opened a new channel to direct and distribute capital to the economy in the long run; actively participating in the construction of securities market, pioneering in developing new products, upgrading current products to raise the level of customer’s satisfaction. Jobs and remuneration packages for employees were secured without being influenced by the epidemic, which enabled employees and their families to have stable living conditions; training - recruiting activities were given special emphasis to sufficiently maintain and promptly shift from offline to online. Besides, the company’s efficient management met the highest standards in the region, adhered to its principle of transparency in all activities, SSI effectively managed risks, controlled compliance, sustained interests, and fairness to Shareholders. With the commitment “Voluntarily performing corporate social responsibility, joining hands for community development”, in 2021, SSI actively took joint actions with the community to prevent and relieve consequences of natural disasters, epidemic diseases; in parallel with investment and design of educational programs for the young generation, which contributed to shaping a better society. Despite operating in the finance sector which does not exert a direct impact on the environment, SSI is well aware of the responsibility to make a valuable contribution to preserve the environment for a sustainable future by strictly complying with regulations on environment protection; engaging employees in internal activities to raise awareness of the proper use of energy and natural resources; applying measures to supervise energy consumption and waste disposal in operational activities to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

SSI focuses on long-term sustainable development strategy


Since its establishment, SSI has consistently fulfilled its tax obligations and payables to the State Budget with an increasing trend over time. In recent years, the Company has always been among top 100 Enterprises with highest corporate income tax payment in Vietnam.




Being the No.1 Securities Company in Vietnam and accompanying the development of Vietnam’s stock market, in years, SSI not only complies fully and strictly with the State’s regulations on business operation and relevant regulations but also actively contributes ideas and opinions to promulgate legal documents on securities; makes the State’s legal documents more practicable and qualified; actively developed new products on the market.

In 2021, the Company continues to contribute ideas to decrees and circulars guiding the Securities Law 2019 as well as the Enterprise Law 2020 and many other draft legal documents to improve the legal framework for the stock market. Specifically: Draft Decree guiding the Securities Law 2019; Draft Decree guiding individual bond trading; Draft Decree guiding the Enterprise Law; Draft amendments to Decree 156 on sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of securities and securities market; Draft amendments to Decree 153 on private bond offering and trading; Draft Circular on rearrangement of the stock market; Draft Circular on buying bonds of the State Bank; Draft Circular on Derivatives Securities; Draft Circular on covered warrants, Draft Circular on securities service prices, etc.

In addition, both SSI and SSIAM were active members of the Association of Securities Business, with representatives holding positions in the executive committee of the Association, core members in Clubs specialized in many fields such as Law, Investment Consultancy, and Training. The company was also an active member of the Capital Market Working Committee, Vietnam Business Forum; Vietnam Fund Management Club; Vietnam Bond Market Association; and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

By voicing opinions on legal documents, Decrees, Circulars guiding the implementation of legal documents; participating in the above-mentioned associations, SSI took an active role in contributing and providing solutions for the sustainable development of the market. Those solutions were to provide individual investors with sufficient knowledge about the securities market; give them directions and instill a long-term investment mindset by investing in open-ended fund certificates or investment channels to accumulate assets; SSI also worked with managing agencies to direct the development of new products and diversify distributing channels.


In keeping with the mission of "Connecting capital to opportunities", one of SSI’s key strategies is to bring securities closer to the people. With recent strong growth in liquidity, quality, and the number of investors, the Vietnam stock market has demonstrated the strength of a profitable investment channel as well as an effective capital mobilization channel for the economy. How to make investors feel secure enough to keep their money in securities accounts to generate long-term profits without perceiving this as a short-term speculation channel is a significant challenge for the regulators as well as market makers. As the first door to welcome investors into the market, SSI allocates investment resources to advisory activities and proactively provides investment knowledge to individual investors in a methodical, in-depth, and systematic manner.

Accordingly, in 2021, the Company continued to collaborate with media and press agencies to organize a series of investment advisory programs. Beginning with a series of five livestream programs organized by SSI in collaboration with VTV in July and August 2021 on the SSI Securities fanpage and the VTV24Money fanpage, the Company has established itself as a major online securities investment advisory program ever, generating widespread interest in the financial community. With more than 2 million followers and more than 5,000 discussions on major financial forums, the program has demonstrated the appeal of the stock market as well as the need for investors to improve their knowledge.

SSI also collaborated with the news website “NDH – The Companion” to launch the NDH eConference online investment advisory program exclusively for SSI customers in October and November 2021. In the program, the leading experts from SSI continued to share their knowledge, market insights, hands-on trading experience and answer investors’ questions during the investment.

SSI will continue to collaborate with VTV24 in late 2021 and early 2022 to implement the program "Bí mật đồng tiền" (Secrets of Money) to share new and interesting perspectives on finance and investment. Thereby, the program has been introducing and bringing people a better understanding of securities as an investment channel and a money-making channel that anyone can participate once being equipped with adequate knowledge. The program has attracted public attention thanks to its authenticity, which concretizes financial investment concepts in an approachable and close manner.

These programs not only add value to the Company, but also play an important role in building the financial community for the stock market in general, by fostering knowledge for investors and contributing to the creation of a solid foundation for market development. With its strong financial resources and professional team, SSI continues to attract and support a new community of investors of all ages and segments of society, ensuring that securities remain an effective channel for asset preservation, profit generation, and capital delivery.

In addition, SSI also cooperates with press agencies to timely share reports presented by SSI Research on the macroeconomy, securities market, money market, and different business sectors. Furthermore, the Company periodically made its presence in the financial news of prestigious media agencies such as VTV1, Vietnam Financial Times, and National Assembly Television, to timely deliver information, and encourage investors to put their trust in the market especially when the market was challenging and experiencing lots of fluctuations. In 2021, SSI published and worked with the most prestigious news agencies on almost 21,000 articles, especially focusing on categories of market assessment.