Sustainable Growth

SSI understands that long-term sustainable development strategy can only be realized if it has a solid financial foundation with stable economic growth. Thus, we always try our best in contributing to the economy, community and society by below activities:
SSI focuses on long-term sustainable development strategy


Since its establishment, SSI has consistently fulfilled its tax obligations and payables to the State Budget with an increasing trend over time. In recent years, the Company has always been among top 100 Enterprises with highest corporate income tax payment in Vietnam.


SSI focused on helping enterprises raise capital in the stock market, contributing to forming a channel for directing and distributing long-term capital according to the market mechanism; stimulating and mobilizing resources, promoting economic development; making the economy more transparent, open, fair and flexible.
Through years, SSI successfully conducted a series of large-scale advisory deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Successful advisory transactions included primary offerings of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (VNM - HOSE) worth USD396 million; secondary share offerings of Vincom Retail Joint Stock Company (VRE - HOSE) worth USD742 million; secondary share offerings of Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank (HDB - HOSE) worth USD300 million and capital mobilization of USD230 million for Hoa Phat Group JSC (HPG - HOSE), etc.
SSI and the Mission "Connecting capital to investment opportunities


SSI not only complies strictly and fully with the State’s regulations on securities trading and related documents but also actively makes constructive comments during the formulation of legal documents on the stock market, improving their practicality and quality; and proactively develops new products for the market.

The Company made comments to a number of draft laws, decrees, circulars and guidelines on the stock market for more effective implementation.

SSI was also a pioneer in making and putting forward recommendations for the development of the derivatives market; for example, its proposal to the SSC on the supplement to the Circular that allows depositors to trade on margin through general accounts at the securities company to reduce transfer fees charged by payment banks and determines tax amounts per transaction, etc... For covered warrants, SSI was a member of the product development team with HOSE, actively engaging in product development, making comments on tax and accounting regulations for the product.

SSI has appointed its representatives to join the Legal Club, and the Investment Advisory Club of the Vietnam Association of Securities Business, in which the Legal Club acts as the focal point and participated in the formulation of securities law. In addition, representatives of the Company are also members of the Market Development Committee & Legal Committee - Vietnam Bond Market Association.