Daily Call

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Daily Call
SSI Daily Call with Update on fiscal balance and KDH CTD HBC

Market wrap: VN-Index edges higher despite key sectors' mix trading

Macro wrap: Update on Vietnam state budget in 1H20

Equity wrap: KDH VN: AGM Flash note:  Positive growth backed by solid pipeline

                      CTD VN: Likely Easing Tension between the Chairman and the Key Investors Group

                      HBC VN: Seeing thinner net margin per company guidance


SSI Daily Call with Update on cabinet meeting and PLX and VIB

Market wrap: Stocks trade mix as market liquidity remains low

Macro wrap: Update on the cabinet meeting

Equity wrap: PLX VN: Conservative business plan for 2020 due to impact of Covid-19

                       VIB VN: Bold plan for 2020


SSI Daily Call with Update on inflation and VN30 2Q20 preview and BVH and LPB

Market wrap: Both bourses recover amid muted traded liquidity

Macro wrap: Update on interest rate & inflation 

Equity wrap: VN30 Index 3Q20 review estimates

                       BVH VN: AGM Note: Flat profit growth in 2020

                       LPB VN: AGM Note: Shifting the listing to HSX, raising FOL for new capital raise


SSI Daily Call with Update on SOEs divestment and VCB

Market wrap: VN-Index remains below 830 level as blue-chips drift away from morning gains

Macro wrap: Update on SOE divestment

Equity wrap: VCB VN (Market Perform; TP VND 89,900): AGM Note: Expecting a soft landing, after years of strong growth


SSI Daily Call with Update on 1H20 macro data and MBB and VCI

Market wrap: Heavy selloffs pressure both bourses to edge lower

Macro wrap: Update on Vietnam economy in 1H20

Equity wrap: MBB VN: Lower growth target as compared to peers

                       VCI VN: AGM Note: Another year of low earnings when investment banking is hit hard


SSI Daily Call with Update on Vietnam FDI and HPG and VNM

Market wrap: Both bourses drop lower as traded volume remains weak

Macro wrap: Update on Vietnam FDI in June

Equity wrap: HPG VN: Strong growth target for 2020 amid the Covid-19 outbreak

                   VNM VN (Outperform; TP VND 135,000): Positive Q2 results undeterred by Covid-19: Maintained Outperform rating


SSI Daily Call with Update on BMP

Market wrap: VN-Index tumbles further as foreign net sell returns

Macro wrap: Update on interest expense cap on related party transaction

Equity wrap: BMP VN: AGM notes: The drop in raw materials price can further help to boost earnings in the coming months


SSI Daily Call with Update on HCM

Market wrap: VN-Index drops below 860 level as trading volume remains weak

Macro wrap: Update on 5G development in Vietnam

Equity wrap: HCM VN: AGM Note: Switching to new business model


SSI Daily Call with Update on MSCI 2020 annual market classification and PVS MWG

Market wrap: Heavy sell-offs press both bourses to tumble in the red

Macro wrap: Update on MSCI 2020 Annual Market Classification

Equity wrap: PVS VN (Outperform; TP VND 15,300): Resilient Q2 earnings despite impact of Covid-19: Original 2020 plan still achievable  

                   MWG VN (BUY; TP VND 115,000): Recovery in May financials, thanks to a longer hot season in Southern Vietnam and improvement in BHX GPM


SSI Daily Call with Update on TCB and VEA

Market wrap: Both bourses trade mix amid traded liquidity remains weak

Macro wrap: Update on Vietnam power sector

Equity wrap: TCB VN (Outperform; TP VND 24,400): Conservative earnings target, with efforts to diversify its customer base – Upgrade to Outperform Post AGM

                        VEA VN (Market Perform; TP VND 48,300): Proposing a 52.52% cash dividend


SSI Daily Call with Update on trade data and VN30 2Q20 rebalancing and NKG

Market wrap: VN-Index returns to near 870 level as traded liquidity recovers

Macro wrap: Update on Vietnam foreign trade

Equity wrap: HOSE Indexes 3Q 2020 review estimates

                  NKG VN (Market Perform; TP VND 8,700): AGM notes: Optimistic earnings target for 2020


SSI Daily Call with Update on NT2 and POW

Market wrap: Stocks trade mix near the end of ETFs' rebalancing week

Macro wrap: MSCI annual classification review 2020

Equity wrap: NT2 VN (Market Perform; TP VND: 23,600): Change in PPA price likely less than VND40/kwh, per management guidance

                       POW VN (Outperform; TP VND: 12,900): FY20 Led by Vung Ang coal-fired plant following with a new gas price for the Ca Mau plant


SSI Daily Call with Update on Enterprise Law and FPT

Market wrap: Stocks mix trading sends both bourses into the red

Macro wrap: Update on Enterprise Laws

Equity wrap: FPT VN (Outperform; TP VND 55,900): A Double-Digit Growth Rate in Store for 2020


SSI Daily Call with Update on FOL regulation and ACB

Market wrap: The rise of blue-chips leads both bourses’ recovery

Macro wrap: Update on foreign ownership limit

Equity wrap: ACB VN (Outperform; TP VND 28,300): HSX Listing Very Supportive To Valuation


SSI Daily Call with Update on property market and DGW

Market wrap: VN-Index drops more than 31 pts while traded liquidity reaches record high

Macro wrap: Update on supporting measure to property market

Equity wrap: DGW VN: 1Q20 earnings results


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