Daily Call

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Daily Call
Daily Market Highlights_Aug 2 2019

The future contracts pointed lower when VN30 underlying index slumped. Liquidity decreased slightly to 92,395 contracts worth of USD 345mn. OI at  contracts

VN-Index down 0.6% to 991.1 pts while HNX-Index down 0.2% to 103.7 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Aug 1 2019

The future contracts inched up in line with the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity increased sharply to 126,223 contracts, with traded value of USD 473mn.

VN-Index up 0.6% to 997.4 pts while HNX-Index down 0.5% to 103.9 pts.


Daily Highlight_Jul 31 2019

Derivative markets recovered in line with VN30 underlying index. Liquidity hit 93,032 contracts, worth of USD 347mn. OI at 20,509 contracts.

VN-Index up 0.6% to 991.7 pts while HNX-Index up 0.01% to 104.4 pts.


Daily Highlight_Jul 30 2019

The future contracts tumbled when the underlying VN30 Index sank. The liquidity improved slightly to 93,117 contracts, worth of USD 350mn. OI at 22,105 contracts

VN-Index down 1.2% to 986 pts while HNX-Index down 0.8% to 104.4 pts.


Daily Highlight_Jul 29 2019

Derivative markets ended mixed although VN30 underlying index ticked higher. Liquidity remained thin at 81.991 contracts, with traded value of USD 308mn. OI at 20,781 contracts.

VN-Index up 0.5% to 997.9 pts while HNX-Index down 1% to 105.3 pts.


Daily Highlight_Jul 26 2019

The derivative market traded mixed while VN30 underlying index edged lower. Liquidity dropped to 65,885 units, valued of USD 248mn. OI at 21,903 contracts.

VN-Index down 0.2% to 993.4 pts while HNX-Index down 0.3% to 106.4 pts.


Daily Highlight_Jul 25 2019

The derivative market ended mixed although VN30 ticked higher. Liquidity hit 89,847 contracts, worth of USD 339mn. OI at 23,014 contracts.

VN-Index up 0.7% to 995 pts and HNX-Index up 0.3% to 106.8 pts.


Daily Highlight_Jul 24 2019

The future contracts traded mixed when VN30 underlying index closed lower. Liquidity hit USD 392mn worth of 104,057 traded contracts. OI at 21,272 units.

VN-Index down 0.1% to 988.4 pts while HNX-Index down 0.3% to 106.4 pts


Daily Highlight_Jul 23 2019

The derivative market closed higher in line with underlying VN30 . Liquidity hit 106,897 contracts, worth of USD 400mn in value. OI at 21,997 units

VN-Index up 0.8% to 989.5 pts while HNX-Index down 0.05% to 106.7 pts


Daily Highlight_Jul 22 2019

All the future contracts ticked lower in line with the drop at VN30 underlying index. Liquidity stayed muted at USD 258mn worth of 69,045 traded contracts. OI at 20,482 units.

VN-Index down 0.03% to 982 pts while HNX-Index down 0.3% to 106.8 pts.


Daily Highlight_Jul 19 2019

All the future contracts surged in line with the underlying benchmark. Liquidity declined to 74,484 contracts, worth of USD 279mn. OI at 18,418 units.

VN-Index up 0.6% to 982.3 pts while HNX-Index up 0.3% to 107.1 pts.


Daily Highlight_Jul 18 2019

Following the slump of the underlying index, all futures plummeted with liquidity dropped to 80,215 units at USD 300mn. OI at 12,766 contracts

VN-Index down 0.7% to 976.1 pts while HNX-Index up 0.2% to 106.7 pts.


Daily Highlight_Jul 17 2019

Futures contracts ticked lower when the VN30 sneaked into the red territory at the closing. Liquidity dropped to 95,391 contracts, worth of USD 358mn.

VN-Index up 0.03% to 951.4 pts while HNX-Index up 0.5% to 103.5 pts


Daily Highlight_Jul 16 2019

Derivative market landed in green when the VN30 underlying index strengthened the rally. Liquidity dropped to 91,171 contracts, worth of USD 342mn. OI 23,011 units

VN-Index up 1.0% to 982.1 pts while HNX-Index up 0.2% to 105.8 pts.


Daily Highlight_Jul 15 2019

The derivative contracts traded mixed despite the decrease at VN30 underlying index. Liquidity shrank to 94,473 contracts, worth of USD 372mn. OI at 24,731 units.

VN-Index down 0.3% to 972.5 pts while HNX-Index down 0.2% to 105.6 pts.


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