Board of Management


Chairman cum CEO

Mr. Hung is the founder of SSI and has been leading the company since the establishment date.


Member of Board of Directors cum Deputy CEO

Mr. Nam has been a successful leader in many business areas.
Mr. Nam holds a Master Degree from Lugansk University – Ukraine.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ms. Ha has been assigned to manage SSI's financing and accounting scope since its establishment.
Ms. Ha has over 10-year working experience in treasury and credit areas for international organizations in Vietnam such as the branch of ING Baring and VID Public bank.
Ms. Ha holds a Master Degree in Banking and Finance from Vietnam National Economics University.


Managing Director – Retail Brokerage

Mr. Tan is one of experienced managers in SSI and make a huge contribution in SSI's development. He is in charge of managing Securities Service Division
Mr. Tan has broad knowledge on banking and stock exchange. He is one of the first few people earned securities trading certificate in Vietnam. Prior to joining SSI in 2000, Mr. Tan worked as the manager of Monetary Business Department of Tokyo – Mitsubishi branch in Vietnam, Tan Viet Bank.  
Mr. Tan holds a BA Degree of Finance & Banking.


Managing Director – Institutional Brokerage

Mr. Minh has been appointed as Managing Director – Institutional Brokerage since September 2018.
Before that, Mr Minh was Deputy Managing Director - Securities Service - in charge of Equity Trading. Prior to working for SSI, Mr. Minh had worked for Hochiminh Aid and Development Fund with the main tasks of planning and project evaluation. 
Mr. Minh has a broad knowledge and is well-educated in finance and banking.
Mr. Minh holds a Master Degree of Applicable Finance from Monash University – Australia


Managing Director, Treasury cum Managing Director - Principal Investment

Ms. Huong has been appointed as Managing Director of Treasury since March 2012, Managing Director of Principal Investment since December 2017.
Ms. Huong had 15+ years of experience in Vietnamese capital markets from its establishment. She joined huge projects related to consulted listing, issuing, restructuring corporations.
As a Managing Director, Treasury cum Managing Director - Principal Investment, Ms. Huong take responsibility for management and business above 80% total value of SSI's asset, contributed to make outstanding growth of assets.
She is one of experienced managers in SSI and make a huge contribution in SSI's development, always efforts to do research and combine with other business units to build, develope leading products & services in Treasury which sastifiy requirements of market and customers.
Ms. Huong graduated from University of National Economics with a Master of Corporate Finance and University of Macquarie - Australia with a Master of Applied Finance


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SSI Asset Management Ltd.

Ms. Hang has been appointed as CEO of SSI Asset Management since Oct 2010. Prior to that, Ms. Hang was Head of Research and Investment Advisory Department & Head of Institutional Sales at SSI. Before joining SSI, Ms. Hang had 6 years of working experience as Research Analyst/Associate to Director of Investments at W.P. Stewart & Co., New York.
Ms. Hang has been awarded the “CEO of the Year” in Vietnam by Asia Asset Management in five consecutive years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.
Ms. Hang holds a Master of Science Degree in Finance from American University.


Managing Director - Investment Banking

Ms. Ngoc Anh has been appointed as Managing Director - Investment Banking since June 2019. 
Ms. Ngoc Anh has +14 years of working experience at SSI, broad knowledge and real experience in investment banking including finance advisory, capital mobilization and merger consultancy at SSI.
Ms. Ngoc Anh graduated from from Wongllongong University - Australia with a Master of Finance and North Alabama University - USA with a Master of Business Administration .


Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Ly has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer since December 2015.
Commencing with SSI in 2010 as a Secretary to Chairman and CEO, Ms. Ly has been rapidly promoted as Chief Personnel Officer in 2012. With outstanding performance and skills, Ms. Ly continued to be appointed as Chief Operating Officer cum Chief Personnel Officer since December 2015.
Before joining SSI, Ms. Ly has more experiences in Human Resources Management at Samsung Electronics Vietnam, one of the world biggest corporations. 
Ms. Ly graduated from Benedictine University with a Master of Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration.


Managing Director – Institutional Brokerage

Mr Michael Joseph Lynch has been appointed as Managing Director – Institutional Brokerage at SSI since 09/2018.
Before joining SSI, Mr Lynch had 30+ years of experience in capital markets and technology development and played many important roles in global institutions such as CLSA, Morgan Stanley, CIMB and Intel.


Director of Legal & Compliance

Mr. Long has been appointed as Head of Legal and Internal Control Division since 2010. 
Mr. Long has a huge of knowledge and experience in legal consulting for internal management, equitization, stock issued and listed for state-owned enterprises, domestic private corporations and foreign investment companies. Before joining SSI, he used to work for Hochiminh Authority for Planning and Investment. He also used to hold a post of Human Resource Director. 
Mr. Long graduated from Hochiminh University of Laws. He is a Lawyer of Hochiminh Lawyer team.