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Daily Call
Daily Market Highlights_Mar 17 2020
The derivative market followed the VN30 underlying index returning to the green zone. Liquidity rose to 223,620 contracts, equivalent of USD 650mn. OI at 17,969 units.
Finance related tickers recovered strongly during the afternoon session narrowing down the losing gap on HCM bourse after the SBV announced to cut interest rates in response to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. SSI and HCM surged to ceiling floor following expectations on this week’s official MoF approval of cost reduction to several securities related services. Lenders also had a fierce performance with majority inching up, namely BID, CTG, TCB, VCB and VPB while HDB headed for the opposite direction.


Daily Market Highlights_Mar 16 2020

All future contracts dropped in line with VN30 underlying index with liquidity down to 189,101 units, valued at USD 564mn. OI at 15,273 contracts.

VN-Index down 1.8% to 747.9 pts and HNX-Index down 1.7% to 99.6 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Mar 13 2020

The derivative market all ticked higher despite VN30 underlying index continued in the slump. Liquidity rose to 232,127 units, valued at USD 686mn. OI at 21,469 contracts.

VN-Index down 1.0% to 761.8 pts while Hanoi bourse down 0.5% to 101.4 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Mar 12 2020

VN30 underlying index slumped dragging both April and June futures to floor price while the other expirations followed the downward march. Liquidity down to 196,890 contracts, worth nearly USD 600mn. OI at 19,168 units.

VN-Index down 5.2% to 769.3 pts and HNX-Index down 3.4% to 101.9 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Mar 11 2020

April futures contracts sank to the floor along with the downfall of the other maturities as VN30 underlying index lost more than 31 pts. Liquidity continued to rise to 214,243 contracts, valued at USD 698mn. OI at 19,168 units.

VN-Index down 3.1% to 811.4 pts and HNX-Index down 0.6% to 105.5 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Mar 10 2020

VN30 underlying index closed in green driving all future contracts higher. Liquidity surged to 209,061 units, equivalent of more than USD 703mn. OI at 17,967 contracts.

VN-Index up 0.2% to 837.5 pts while HNX-Index down 0.1% to 106.2 pts


Daily Market Highlights_Mar 9 2020

The derivative market plunged in line with VN30 underlying index to floor price with liquidity stay muted at 133,101 contracts, valued at USD 455mn. OI at 23,458 contracts.

VN-Index down 6.3% to 835.5 pts while HNX-Index down 6.4% to 106.3 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Mar 05 2020

Derivative market tumbled despite VN30 underlying index inched up. Liquidity dropped to 105,669 contracts, valued at USD 384mn.

VN-Index up 0.4% to 893.3 pts and HNX-Index also up 0.9% to 115 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Mar 04 2020

April futures dipped while other maturities ticked higher as VN30 underlying index ended sideway. Liquidity declined to 123,625 units, worth of USD 448mn. 

VN-Index down by 0.1% to 889.4 pts while HNX-Index up 1.3% to 114 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Mar 03 2020

Futures ended mixed despite the VN30 underlying index continued to tick higher. Liquidity recovered to 137,204 contracts, valued of USD 499mn. OI at 22,824 contracts.

VN-Index up 0.7% to 890.6 pts and HNX-Index also up 1.7% to 112.6 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Mar 02 2020

The future contracts diverged into the green given VN30 underlying index edged higher. Liquidity dropped to 119,148 contracts, worth of USD 435mn in traded value. OI at 17,095 contracts.

VN-Index recovered in line with regional peers with GAS, SAB and STB being the main contributors. As the global oil price surged, oil and gas headed north, being supported by PVD, PVS and BSR while PLX lost past day’s gain. Realty firms’ performances improved slightly with VHM, KBC, NLG, VRE and NVL followed the rally. Sell-offs still persisted among aviation among HVN, VJC and SCS. Lenders traded mixed with STB, TCB and MBB inched up while VCB, BID, CTG, VPB and HDB declined. Despite SAB jumped significantly, BHN, on the other hand, put pressure on consumer whereas MSN and VNM ended sideway. Foreign investors net selling position was recorded at nearly USD 13mn worth of shares, focused on MSN, VJC, VNM and VCB. Trade liquidity continued to increase to USD 137mn.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 28 2020

Following the slump of VN30 underlying index, all futures dropped with liquidity surging to 204,584 contracts, worth of more than USD 734mn. OI at 17,095 contracts.

VN-Index down 1.8% to 882.2 pts whereas HNX-Index up 0.3% to 109.6 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 27 2020

VN30 underlying index recovered into the green territory sending all the future contracts higher. Liquidity squeezed to 157,362 contracts, worth of USD 570mn. OI at 20,802 contracts.

VN-Index and HNX-Index both up to 898.4 pts (+0.3%) and 109.3 pts (+2.5%) respectively.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 26 2020

The derivative market tumbled as VN30 underlying index dropped 0.93%. Liquidity rose to 180,593 contracts at USD 649mn. OI at 18,494 contracts.

Foreign sell-offs persisted on all three bourses at more than USD 10mn, lifting the total selling amount to nearly USD 70mn after 12 consecutive days. Key industries, such as banks, real estate and consumer, lost ground pushing VN-Index to slump below 900 pts. Lenders, namely BID, VCB and CTG, continued to decline further while EIB, STB and TCB ticked slightly higher. The three Vingroup tickers remained among the leading forces that negatively impacted real estate. KDH, NLG and DXG switched to the downward trend whereas NVL maintained in the green. GAS, PLX and PVD headed south as global oil price plummeted for three consecutive days. VNM, MSN and SAB, also edged lower. On the contrary, several other notable blue-chips attempted to support the markets after closing positively, namely FPT, POW and YEG. Some FOL tickers showed sign of strength after rumour of the possibility of Diamond ETF approval. Foreign investors posted at USD 10mn in net sold value, topped by VNM, VCB and HPG. Trade liquidity cooled down to nearly USD 127mn on HOSE.


Daily Market Highlights_Feb 25 2020

Futures inched higher in line with the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity surged to 163,276 contracts, with the traded value of USD 585mn.

All indices recovered and closed in the green thanks to the banking sector’s rally, topped by BID, CTG and VPB. HDB, MBB and TCB also followed the upward trend. Despite fellow lenders reversing yesterday’s loss, VCB continued to decline further. The three Vingroup tickers, namely VIC, VRE and VHM, weighed down on real estate whereas KDH, DXG, NVL and NLG rose slightly. The pressure of 2019-nCov outbreak still lingered on aviation among HVN and VJC. Oil & gas edged up amid global oil price continued to decline. Retail ended relatively positive as supported primarily by DGW and MWG. VNM soared while MSN drifted lower. Foreign investors remained on the net selling spree of USD 4.9mn worth of shares, mostly among NVL, HAG and VCB. Traded liquidity jumped to USD 177mn on HCM bourse.



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