Daily Call

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Daily Call
Daily Market Highlights_Sep 20 2019

The derivative market ended mixed on Friday when Oct contracts ticked higher, others lost ground. Liquidity recorded at  52,087 units, valued of USD 203mn. OI at 16,784 contracts.

VN-Index down 0.7% to 990.4 pts while HNX-Index up 0.1% to 104.1 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 19 2019

All futures returned to the green following the recovery on the underlying index. Liquidity jumped to 65,764 contracts, worth of USD 255mn when Sep contracts came to expire. OI at 11,073 contracts.

VN-Index up 0.2% to 997.1 pts while HNX-Index up 1.7% to 104.0 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 18 2019

The future market ended higher in line with the underlying VN30 index. Liquidity improved to USD 250mn worth of 64,590 traded contracts. OI at 20,993 units.

VN-Index down 0.2% to 995.1 pts while HNX-Index up 0.1% to 102.3 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 17 2019

The derivative market ended in green mainly thanks to the recovery on the VN30 underlying index in the afternoon session. Liquidity hit 55,607 contracts, with the traded value of USD 214 mn. OI at 21,802 contracts.

VN-Index up 0.7% to 996.7 pts while HNX-Index up 0.02% to 102.2 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 16 2019

The future contracts traded mixed although VN30 underlying index ticked higher. Liquidity stayed thin at 45,084 contracts, with traded value of USD 173mn. OI at 22,260 contracts

VN-Index up 0.3% to 989.9 pts while HNX-Index up 0.01% to 102.2 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 13 2019

The derivative markets surged following the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity improved to 65,363 contracts, worth of USD 249mn in value.

VN-Index up 1.1% to 987.2 pts while HNX-Index up 1.1% to 102.2 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 12 2019

The derivative market closed higher in line with underlying VN30 . Liquidity posted at 36,875 contracts, worth of USD 140mn in value. OI at 23,138 units

VN-Index up 0.7% to 976.1 pts while HNX-Index up 0.9% to 101.1 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 11 2019

Despite the incline of the underlying index, the future contracts ended mixed. Mar contract slid whereas other tenure closed in green. Liquidity stayed muted at USD 147mn worth of 38,802 traded units. OI at 20,652 contracts

VN-Index down 0.1% to 969.3 pts while HNX-Index up 0.2% to 100.2 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 10 2019

The future contracts slumped in line with the drop at underlying market. Liquidity improved to 45,108 units, valued of USD 170mn. OI at 20,231 contracts.

VN-Index down 0.4% to 970.3 pts while HNX-Index down 0.9% to 99.9 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 09 2019

The derivative ended mixed although VN30 underlying index ticked lower. Liquidity dropped to 22,522 contracts, worth of USD 85mn in value. OI at 21,272  contracts

VN-Index up 0.04% to 974.1 pts while HNX-Index down 0.1% to 100.9 pts


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 06 2019

The derivative market traded mixed when underlying index ticked lơer. Liquidity dropped to USD 162mn worth of 43,035 traded contracts. OI at 19,181 units.

VN-Index down 0.3% to 974.1 pts while HNX-Index down 0.05% to 100.9 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 05 2019

Derivative markets traded mixed when VN30 underlying index edged lower. Liquidity dropped to 48,233 contracts, with traded value of USD 182mn. OI at 20,577 contracts.

VN-Index down 0.1% to 976.8 pts while HNX-Index up 0.02% to 101.0 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 04 2019

All the future contracts surged and outpaced the VN30 underlying index. Liquidity stayed sluggish at USD 206mn worth of 54,838 traded contracts. OI at 22,842 units.

VN-Index down 0.2% to 977.6 pts while HNX-Index down 0.5% to 100.9 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Sep 03 2019

Following the slump of the underlying index, all future contracts sank with liquidity shrinking to 36,558 units at USD 137mn. OI at 20,787 contracts

VN-Index down 0.5% to 979.4 pts while HNX-Index down 0.9% to 101.4 pts.


Daily Market Highlights_Aug 30 2019

All the futures contracts ended higher on the rise of VN30 underlying index. Liquidity still remained sluggish at 52,171 contracts, with traded value of USD 197mn. OI at 17,816 contracts.

VN-Index up 0.6% to 984.1 pts while HNX-Index up 0.4% to 102.3 pts.


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