Daily Call

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Daily Call
SSI Daily Call with Update on MSN 1Q20 prelim results

Market wrap: Blue-chips pressure VN-Index into red

Macro wrap:  Update on Covid-19 pandemic impact

Equity wrap: MSN VN: 1Q20 prelim results


SSI Daily Call with Update on next round of government supporting measures and TCB analyst meeting

Market wrap: VN-Index extends the winning streak thanks to banking stocks

Macro wrap:  Update on the next round of government supporting measures

Equity wrap: TCB VN: 1Q2020 Analyst Meeting Note


Daily Market Highlights_May 20 2020

The market traded mix with VN-Index edging higher, up 0.8%, while HNX-Index dropped, down 1.7%.

VHM (+5.3%) and VRE (+6.6%) surged carrying HCM bourse into green. VIC (+0.1%) and NVL (+0.2%) slightly rose whereas KDH (-0.9%), DXG (-0.9%) and NLG (-0.8%) slumped.

ROS ended at ceiling price (+6.8%) along with the rise of other construction tickers, namely CTD (+2.5), FCN (+2.2%), CII (+0.2%) and HBC (+0.6%).


Daily Market Highlights_May 19 2020

VN-Index extended on the winning streak, up 1.1%, while HNX-Index treaded slightly into green, up 0.3%.

Banking led the rally among CTG (+4.4%), EIB (+3.2%), TCB (+3.1%) and VCB (+0.6%) whereas VPB dropped slightly (-0.4%).

VRE (+1.4%) and VHM (+1.8%) continued to drive real estate sector upward with other realties, namely KDH (+2.8%), DXG (+3.8%) and NVL (+0.4%), all followed. VIC closed sideway.


Daily Market Highlights_May 18 2020

VN-Index diverged into green, up 1.2%, from blue-chips inching higher while HNX-Index continued to decline 0.4%.

The steel manufacturers HPG (+6.8%) and HSG (+6.9%) surged to ceiling prices, boosting the market’s gain. NKG (+3.7%) also switched to green against past days’ loss.

Many banking stocks rose, notably VCB (+3.3%), VPB (+5.2%), CTG (+2.2%) and TCB (+2.0%). STB (-0.7%), on the other hand, cooled down.

Global oil price climbed as several countries worldwide have eased the lockdown and rising expectation to economy recovery from the pandemic. Oil&gas tickers rallied, namely GAS (+3.7%), PLX (+1.9%), PVD (+4.3%) and PVS (+1.6%). 


Daily Market Highlights_May 15 2020

The market ended the week in the red as selling pressure weighed on both bourses throughout majority of the trading session. VN-Index and HNX-Index down 0.6% and 2.1%, respectively. Several key sectors diverged into decline.

The three Vingroup tickers, VIC (+1.0%), VHM (+1.4%) and VRE (+0.2%), all surged despite lingering foreign net sell, narrowing down the indices' loss. Other real estate stocks went under, namely KDH (-4.1%), DXG (-3.6%) and NLG (-2.0%).

Many lenders closed lower, notably BID (-2.8%), CTG (-2.1%) and TCB (-1.2%). VPB (+0.8%) slightly rose whereas VCB remained flat.


Daily Market Highlights_May 14 2020

Both bourses continued to edge down, in which VN-Index and HNX-Index declined 0.2% and 0.5%, respectively.

MSN surged from significant foreign net buy (+3.2%). SAB also followed slightly into green (+0.1%) while VNM ticked down (-0.6%).

Financial services sector also headed for the uptrend, notable SSI (+1.4%), HCM (+3.1%) and VCI (+4.1%).

VIC rallied despite lingering foreign net selling (+1.1%) while the other 2 Vingroup tickers, VHM (-1.1%) and VRE (-1.8%), slumped further. Other realty firms climbed among NVL (+0.2%), FLC (+1.7%) and DXG (+0.5%).


Daily Market Highlights_May 13 2020

VN-Index slid into the red territory due to blue-chips’ pressure, down 0.1%, while HNX-Index continued to edge slightly higher, up 0.1%.

Banking traded mix with TPB ended at ceiling (+7.0%), BID (+2.7%) and HDB (+4.4%) surged whereas VPB (-0.6%) and ACB (-0.5%) tumbled. Other lenders, namely CTG, VCB and TCB closed sideway.

FPT (+6.2%) led the upward trend, narrowing down the index’ loss.


Daily Market Highlights_May 11 2020

Both bourses continued to inch higher with VN-Index and HNX-Index up 1.8% and 1.4%, respectively. Majority of blue-chips still closed in the green boosting the market’s rally.

Banking led the upward march, topped by TCB ending at ceiling price (+6.9%), VPB (+5.7%) and VCB (+1.4%).

Consumers maintained the winning streak among VNM (+3.3%), MSN (+3.4%) and SAB (+0.6%).


Daily Market Highlights_May 08 2020

VN-Index surged drastically above 800 level, up 2.16%, and HNX-Index also extended further in the green, up 1.58%, with majority of blue-chips strived for the rally after Circular No. 37, issued by the MoF, to waive 20 out of 22 securities fees by 50% was approved.

Banking sector continued to top the rally among TCB closing at ceiling (+6.8%), VCB (+5.5%), and VPB (+6.5%). 

The 3 Vingroup tickers, VIC (+1.6%), VHM (+4.9%) and VRE (+2.0%), all ended in the green. Other real estate firms also prolonged the winning streak, notably NVL (+1.5%), NLG (+3.1%) and KDH (+0.9%).


Daily Market Highlights_May 07 2020

The rise of blue-chips sent the bourses to stay on the winning streak with VN-Index and HNX-Index up 1.8% and 1.6% respectively.

Banking led today's rally among VCB (+3.1%), BID (+4.3%) and VPB (+2.6%). HDB (-0.5%) remained under the water.

Consumer tickers also sustained in the green, notably SAB (+7.0%) closed at ceiling price for the first time this year, followed by VNM (+1.9%) and MSN (+1.4%).


Daily Market Highlights_May 06 2020

The market headed for recovery with VN-Index and HNX-Index surged 2.4% and 1.2%, respectively, after the MoF proposed to increase credit limits for securities sector. Majority of stocks went for the upward march.

The three Vingroup tickers, VIC (+2.5%), VRE (+6.2%) and VHM (+5.3%), boosted the bourses' rally. Other real estate firms also inched up among NVL (+0.4%) and DXG (+1.1%).

Banking switched to green, topped by VCB (+1.2%), BID (+2.0%), CTG (+1.8%) and VPB (+2.5%). HDB (-1.2%) was the only ticker in the red territory among the VN30 blue-chips.


Daily Market Highlights_May 05 2020

VN-Index switched to green after foreign net selling remained in the low for 2 consecutive days, up 0.2%, while HNX-Index maintained to decline 0.3%.

Global oil price increased amid rising expectation on biofuel demand recovery. GAS (+2.7%) and PLX (+0.7%) jumped while OIL stayed in the red (-1.3%).

VNM diverged into green (+3.0%). Other consumers slumped among SAB (-2.1%) and MSN (-1.6%).

Banking continued to trade mix with VPB (+1.5%) leading the sector's rally, followed by TPB (+1.1%) and HDB (+0.5%). On the other hand, VCB (-0.9%) and CTG (-1.0%) stumbled.


Daily Market Highlights_May 04 2020

The market diverged into the red on the first day back from the holiday break with both VN-Index and HNX-Index down 0.9% and 1.1%, respectively.

VHM (+2.0%) and VRE (+1.5%) headed for the rally, narrowing the bourses’ losing gap. VIC slightly down (-0.1%) whereas NVL (-0.8%) and DXG (-5.5%) sank further. FLC (-5.7%) closed at floor price.

Consumer led today’s downward march, topped by SAB (-4.9%), VNM (-1.4%) and MSN (-2.6%).


Daily Market Highlights_Apr 29 2020

The bourses slightly recovered prior to the long holiday. VN-Index and HNX-Index both up 0.2% and 0.5% respectively. On the other hand, VN30-Index (-0.1%) continued to end lower from foreign selloff pressure among blue-chip stocks.

Many lenders edged higher, notably CTG (+5.0%), VCB (+1.5%) and BID (+1.3%). 

Aviation switched into green among HVN (+3.1%), VJC (+2.3%) and ACV (+3.7%), regaining from past days' loss after airlines were permitted to further ramp up domestic routes starting from today.


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