Team Cohesion

SSI believes motivating staffs can help to enhance customer satisfaction, thereby increasing added values for shareholders and partners. SSI has applied

Team Cohesion

SSI believes motivating staffs can help to enhance customer satisfaction, thereby increasing added values for shareholders and partners. SSI has applied various approaches to ensure every member can stay happy at work and maintain a work life balance. By valuing this balance, SSI has, in effect, made families and friends of SSI staffs proudly become a part of SSI. This has improved connection between each staff and the team, creating a strong bond for SSI’s sustainable development.

Each SSI member always tries best for team cohension

Corporate culture is especially highlighted by SSI in our development on the basis of established core values. Such culture is indicative of SSI’s features, philosophies and also incorporated in the company’s strategies to date. It has shaped the spirit of SSI and each employee, which has continuously been nurtured, engaging all staff in the common development. With the SSI spirit being constantly nurtured, each member will increasingly strengthen their bond with the Company for the sake of a common development.

In SSI, we aim to become a “cradle for talent development.” SSI offers equal opportunities to all applicants, from new graduates to experienced professionals in the financial market. SSI is willing to provide training and opportunities to encourage employees to take up challenge and fulfill their potentials.

Human resources are the competitive advantage of SSI. To retain the status as Vietnam’s leading financial institution and to grow internationally, SSI focuses on developing high quality human resources to satisfy increasingly demanding markets. SSI encourages and creates the best conditions for all employees to develop comprehensively in terms of both professional qualifications and soft skills, appropriately to each job position through Company Training Program.

Some team activities of SSI

SSI defines an ideal working environment as a workplace which facilitates innovation and endeavor while ensuring a work life balance. This is especially important for high-level executives. SSI employees are encouraged to work efficiently, relax reasonably and participate in sports and social activities. These activities are intended to help employees obtain work-life balance and foster bond among the team. SSI has common interest clubs such as Yoga Club, Football Club and Jogging Club - SSI Runner which are eagerly joined by employees. SSI’s Family Day has truly become an event for all families of our staffs to come together and network. This is an annual occurrence appreciated and looked forward to by SSI employees as well as their families. Such events have helped to enhance family bonds as well as to foster connection between staff’s families and the Company.

Besides its full compliance with the health insurance policy specified in the Labor Code, the Company continued to provide additional health and accident insurance so that its staffs can be completely devoted to the company. This also helps to lighten their financial burden in case of health problems, etc. SSI always selects and partners with prestigious and professional insurance agents to arrange additional insurance for its employees and their relatives.

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SSI appiciates the connection between Management and Staffs

SSI believes a seamless communication mechanism will further strengthen the connection between the Management and Staffs. Business strategies, plans and objectives are openly shared within SSI through messages from the Chairman of the BOD and the CEO to help employees understand and act towards such common goals. Individual or organizational achievements are honored internally to spread the pride among all SSI members, thereby encouraging further efforts. With regards to achievements made by departments as well as individuals, internal greeting message is given out to contribute to increase employees’ pride, encouraging further efforts from the whole company to achieve even higher results.