Derivatives securities trading regulations

1. DERIVATIVES PRODUCT The first derivatives product which is brought into transaction is VN30 Index Futures Contract Each futures contract (FC) has a

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Derivatives securities trading regulations

Each investor can only open 1 derivatives securities trading account at 01 securities company, however opening accounts at different securities companies is acceptable.

Investors can simultaneously buy and sell 1 type of futures contract on a trading session.

Investors must guarantee that their collateral rate at SSI is adequate before any transaction orders are placed. Investors’ trading account may temporarily be postponed in the case of violating collateral rate and position limitation, based on SSI’s regulations and/or VSD’s regulations. For more information, please click here

In intermission time, investors can place new orders (orders waiting to be transferred to the exchange) for afternoon session via Online Trading Service (SSI Web Trading, SSI Mobile Trading) from 11:30 to 13:00. Waiting orders are reserved in SSI’s transaction system and will come into transaction systems of the Exchanges when afternoon session starts. Investors can cancel/ amend information of those orders when they have not been transferred into transaction systems of the Exchanges.

Via Online Trading System: SSI Web Trading
Via Contact Center:  1900545471 or 028 39141678, ext: 19
At SSI transaction office. For more details, please advise here
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