Transfer to SSI accounts

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Transfer to SSI accounts

Create request

Step 1 Login iBoard Web (

Step 2: In the "Cash transactions" bar, select "Cash Deposit" and select the icon of your bank (e.g.: BIDV)



Step3: Read and click agree to " The terms of use and privacy policy between SSI and Bank"

Step 4: Click "Next" to send request or "Return" to cancel request



Step 5: Click "confirm" to switch to the internet banking system of the bank and confirm linking account there.

Confirm account

Step 1: Enter the account information on the bank's Internet Banking system and click confirm:

  • Full name: The system automatically recognizes the customer's name
  • SmartBanking phone number: Is the phone number registered to use Smart banking
  • SmartBanking password: Enter the login password of Smart banking application
  • Captcha code: Enter the captcha code according to the image and tick agree to the conditions and payment services of BIDV
Step 2: Enter the OTP password sent to the Client's phone number and select "Connect" to complete the account linking process or select "Cancel" to return. OTP password will be valid within 2 minutes from the time it is sent to the customer
Step 3: Track account linking result
  • At BIDV's screen, after the Client connects the account, BIDV's internet banking system will return a notification of the link result and back to the Client's original account linking interface at iBoard Web
  • The account linking request is successful when "List of linked accounts" screen shows the depositing bank and allows Deposit or Unlink according to demand

Deposit money from the account linked to BIDV bank

Declare payment information

Step 1: Select the content "Securities Account Deposit"

Step 2: In the "Deposit money into account" box, customers choose the account number to deposit money into and fill in the amount to pay.

Step 3: Click “Next” to verify the transaction or select “Back” to return.



Verify payment transaction

Step 1: Enter the OTP code sent according to the registered authentication method

Step 2: Click Confirm to complete the transaction


Track payment status

Step 1: After successfully authenticating the transaction, the system displays payment information and status of the payment transaction.

Step 2: Click Return to payment page to complete the transaction or Create new transaction to return to the new payment screen. 


 Track payment history

Step 1: To query payment history, customers select the "Payment history" bar, select the account number, and the time to query the history.

Step 2: Click Search to track payment history information


Access “Deposit Cash” Screen on iBoard Web

Step 1: Select "Cash Transactions" menu > "Deposit Cash"

Step 2: In the "Deposit via SSI's fiat account" section, select "Deposit via QR code"



Create “QR Code” on iBoard Web

Step 1: Check the information

Check account information, beneficiary account are displayed by default system

Step 2: Add more information

  • In the "Securities Account" section, select the number of accounts you want to deposit money from the list.
  • In the "Amount" box:
    • Enter the amount you want to deposit: The system will generate a QR code, you can edit the amount when scanning the QR code on the banking application
    • If you doesn't fill in the amount box: The system will generate a QR code without a pre-attached amount, you can enter the amount when scanning the QR code on the banking application
    • "Description": Enter an optional deposit

Step 3: Create QR Code

  • Select "Create QR code" for the system to generate a personal QR code corresponding to information the Client entered above
  • Select "Download" to save the QR code to your device and use it or you can directly scan the QR code on the screen interface

Use QR Code to deposit money

Scan QR Code
  • After creating the QR code on SSI's iBoard Web interface, the Client log in and use the "Scan QR Code" feature on banks' applications
  • Scan the code to deposit cash with the information already filled in
Download QR Code
  • After downloading the QR code created on the iBoard Web interface to the device, the Client log in and use the "Scan QR Code" feature on banks' applications
  • Select photos from the bank's photo library to deposit with the information already filled in on the generated QR code
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