Notification management

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Notification management

Step1: The feature “Notification” provides Notifications about orders (Matched Order, Unsuccessful Order” and Notification about News from SSI, in order to help customer update account information in the fastest way​

Step 2: To activate “Notification” feature on iBoard Web, please follows these steps:​

  • Turn on website notification​
  • Activate “Notification” feature on iBoard​


  • You need to make sure to enable notifications from your website browser and iBoard Web to receive notifications. ​
  • Currently, iBoard web SSI is setting the default to enable all types of existing notifications.
Step 1: Customer has not set up to receice Notifications on your browser → After logging into iBoard Web, you will see a browser notification screen → click "Allow" to activate​
Step 2: After allowing notifications from iBoard Web, you can check and change the notification on/off settings by clicking on the browser icon​ "View Site Infomation"

Step 1: Customer has not set up to receice Notifications on your browser → After logging into iBoard Web, customer clicks symbol​ “Change whether you can receive notification from this site” and select “Allow” to activate the feature​

Step 2: If you have turned off receiving notifications on your browser and want to turn on receiving mode again, please follow these steps:​

  • Click the symbol “Open application menu” at the right corner of the screen → Select “Setting”​
  • Tap on "Privacy & security" and select "Notifications" → select "Settings“​
  • Select "Allow" for the iBoard Web page and click "Save changes" for the setting to take effect

To manage notification settings on iBoard, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the bell icon to access notifications.
Step 2:  .Enable or disable notifications for different types of messages:
  • Orders: Displays notifications related to successful or unsuccessful buy/sell orders in the base and derivatives markets.
  • Balance: Shows notifications about account balances, including funds and securities.
  • Account: Provides notifications related to your securities account.
  • Recommendations: Displays market information and SSI’s recommendations.
  • General: Shows other general notifications from SSI.

Step 1: Click on the bell icon and select “Alerts” to access the alert management screen.

Step 2: Click “Create Alert” to set up a new alert.

Step 3: Enter the stock code, conditions, and expiration time.

Step 4: Customize the alert content according to your preferences.

Step 5: Click “Save” to save the created alert.


  • Customers can choose to pause, modify conditions, or delete active alerts.
  • Monitor activated alerts in the “Alert History” section.
  • Select “Change Notification Method” to switch between two notification methods: push notifications and browser notifications.

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