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Home page information


Step 1: Choose search box on the Homepage

Step 2: Enter the stock code that Customer want to search

Step 1: Observe the media images on the homepage. Customers can swipe left/right to view more media images in case more than one image is presented to the customer at the same time.
Step 2: Choose the image to view more details.
Step 1: On the homepage functions at the above side of the screen, choose “All”
Step 2: The screen will display all of the application’s functions which divided into groups.
  • Scroll down to view functions fully.
  • Choose the desired function.
  • Choose “Customize” to set up the functions on the homepage that customers want to show.

Step 3: After choosing “Customize”, choose the icon +/- to add/remove the functions or drag and drop to arrange the desired position.  


  • Currently, iBoard pro supports displaying up to 8 and 3 as minimum functions on the Homepage.
  • The settings will be saved according to the account in case the Customers have logged in and saved according to the device in case they are not logged in.

Step 1: On the home page screen, customers can monitor the Top stocks traded on the market according to the following criteria: Active, Movers, Shakers
Step 2: Click on the criteria you want to view to display the stock codes in the corresponding group > Click "See more" to expand the list
Step 1: On the home screen, scroll down to see the "News" section. Click “More” to see all News groups.
Step 2: Choose the News that you want to view details.
Step 3: On the "Entitlement" section, select advanced search to find news according to the desired criteria.
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