Derivatives Trading

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Derivatives Trading

Customers can place derivatives orders via following methods:

Option 1: Place on the Derivatives Orders interface

Click on the menu Derivatives Trading → Trading

Option 2: Place on the Price Board

Click on the columns Buy balance/Sell balance/Order matching, the order placement screen will be displayed

Option 3: Place by the Order button on the price board

Click on the Order button on the price board to open Order ticket

Customers fill order information on the order ticket to confirm order. Information on order ticket includes:

    • Stock code and price information (Market price, Ceiling/Reference/Floor price), Session and the Total trading volume
    • Setting: Customers can setup following information to make order request
      • Skip confirmation: Config On/Off order confirmation screen after clicking Buy/Sell button. Customers choose On for Skip confirmation in order not to display conformation screen after placing the first order successfully.
      • Create shortcut keys for some main functions
      •  Setup frequently used quantity and symbol to be displayed on order form
    • Account information:
      • Trading Account: Derivatives trading account
      • Max Buy/Max Sell: The maximum volume customer can buy/sell
      • Open position: The net open position
      • Total P/L: Floating P/L + Trading P/L of the current position
      • Auto Price: Customers choose Auto Price and setup Toler in case you want to fill the price automatically by the rules: Buy Price = Best Ask + Toler, Sell Price = Best Bid - Toler
      • Volume: Order Quantity
      • Price: Order Price (Customers enter LO Price or Market Price which is applied for each exchange and session)
      • Authentication type: The current authentication method

Customers can query order book by one of the following methods:

Option 1: Follow order book on derivatives trading screen: Customer accesses Derivatives Trading → Trading

Features on the command book include:

    • Select expand symbol  to open detailed order book at the Account management menu 
    • Filter by: Account number, stock symbol, Buy/Sell Order, Order status
    • Cancel/Edit each order
    • Cancel all orders which are waiting to match/waiting to match conditions

Option 2: Follow order book on price board: Customer clicks on "Order" button > Order book

Features on the command book include:

Select expand symbol to open detailed order book at the Account management menu 

    • Select full/shortern mode: Full mode will display all information on order book, shortern mode will allow customer to order and follow order book at the same time.
    • Filter by: Account number, stock symbol, Buy/Sell Order, Order status
    • Cancel/Edit each order

Option 3: Follow order book as the sub-menu of Derivatives Trading: Customer accesses Derivatives Trading → Order book

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