Cash transaction

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Cash transaction

Step 1: After logging in, select Menu > Money Transaction > Payment or Money Payment function in assets

Step 2: SSI iBoard Pro application supports the following forms of payment to the account:

  • Pay money on the SSI system (pay money using the formula to link the stock exchange account and the customer's account at the bank)
  • Pay money using QR code
  • Code money via bank
  • Sump money through defined SSI account

Step 3: Choose the form of bonus

After each transaction, customers can review their transaction history information.

Step 1: At the Money Transaction screen > Select the function "Payment history at SSI"

Step 2: Select the time period and account to look up history

Step 1: From the "Menu" screen > Select "Cash transaction" > Select the "Cash transfer" function

Step 2: Select "Transfer to bank"

Step 3: Select the beneficiary account number in the list of registered bank accounts

Step 4: Fill in transfer information and click "Continue" > Check money transfer information and click "Confirm"

Step 1: From the "Cash Transfer" screen select "Internal transfer"

Step 2: Fill in beneficiary account information, transfer amount, transfer content then click "Continue"

Step 3: Confirm the money transfer information then click "Confirm"

Step 1: From the "Cash Transaction" screen select "VSDC transfer"

Step 2: Select transaction type Deposit/Withdraw cash

Step 3: Confirm the information then click "Confirm"

Withdraw unsettled funds

Step 1: From the Menu screen, select the Menu icon in the lower right corner of the screen

Step 2: At the screen "List of features" Section "Cash transactions" > "Withdraw unsettled funds"

Step 3: Chose " Withdraw unsettled funds ", enter the amount you want to withdraw > Continue

Step 4: Enter the confirmation code of the current authentication method to complete the request

History of unsettled fund withdraw

Step 1: At the screen " Withdraw unsettled funds" > " History of unsettled fund withdraw"

Step 2: Look up the history of withdrawal information from pending sales by time and status filters

Step 1: From the "Cash Transaction" screen, select the "Cash advance"

Step 2: Select "Advance"

Step 3: Fill in the amount to advance then click "Continue"

Step 4: Check the information then click "Confirm"

Implementation history

Step 1: From the "Advance" screen, select the "Advance history" function

Step 2: Select the filter for the account number and time to look up

Step 1: From the "Cash transaction" screen, select the "Cash Statement" function

Step 2: Select the filter with the criteria to look up

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