Place orders on equity market

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Place orders on equity market
Step 1: From the Homepage, choose “Trading”. Customers can choose Basic Order Placement Interface or Quick Order Placement Interface depending on their needs. The quick order ordering interface is arranged with information fields to help customers increase the speed of placing orders:
  • Quick interface rotates vertically with Market Depth and placed in the left corner so customers can conveniently click to automatically fill in the price on the order placement screen.
  • Quick interface displays all market orders on the screen instead of having to click on the Price input box and displays orders on the keyboard like the current interface which helps customers to choose prices quickly.
  • Customers can choose the price view mode depending on their trading needs: View both Buy & Sell or only view Buy or Sell
  • When customers log in for the first time, iBoard Pro offers suggestions for the interface they want to use: Quick layout or Normal layout > Select the interface you want to use and click "Proceed”.
  • Flexibly customize the interface. Quick layout and Normal layout at the right corner of the screen
Step 2: At the Equity screen, choose stock code > enter quantity, price and choose Buy/Sell
Note: Place order with Auto-price mode
  • Buy Price = Best Ask + Toler
  • Sell Price = Best Bid – Toler
Step 3: At the order confirmation screen, recheck the order and confirm by the current authentication method
Order book management
Step 1: From the Base Trading screen, select tab “Order Book.”
Step 2: At the Order Book Management screen, click any order to view detailed order information.
Step 3: Select the filter icon to filter the display of orders according to the desired criteria.
Edit Order
Step 1: From the Order Book Management screen, select the order you want to edit and then click "Edit"
Step 2: Amend price/volume as desired then click "Edit"
Step 3: Check the information again at the "Confirm order edit" screen > Select "Confirm."
Cancel order
Step 1: From the Order Book Management screen, select the order you want to cancel and then click "Cancel"
Step 2: The system displays a confirmation request message > Check information again then select “Confirm"
Cancel multiple orders or cancel all orders
Step 1: From the Order Book Management screen, select “Cancel multiple orders”
Step 2: To cancel multiple orders, select the orders you want to cancel, click "Cancel order", then confirm. In case you want to cancel all orders, select "Cancel all" and then confirm
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