Đấu giá mới nhất

Step 1: Access the website  https://iboard.ssi.com.vn/ and log in your account
Step 2: Select "S-PRODUCTS" bar > " S-BOND"
Step 3: Select "Corporate bonds" > "S-BOND". S-BOND list and detailed information will be shown on the screen
Step 1: Click on Bond Code to view detailed information of the product
Step 2: Click "X" to return to S-BOND screen
Step 1: If you have not registered the Appendix of OTC securities transactions, the system will require you to register it when you click on "Buy/Sell" button on "S-BOND" screen.
Step 2: Click "here" to view detailed content of the Appendix.
Step 3: Tick on the check box to confirm that you have read and agreed with the Terms and Conditions > Enter OTP corresponding to the register authentication method > Select "Register" to complete the process or "Later" to cancel.
Enter registration information
Step 1: Click "Buy/Sell" button on "S-BOND" screen to view detailed information and price history of the bond code
Step 2: Fill in the quantity of bond you want to buy, then the system will calculate buy value and fee corresponding to the registed quantity
Step 3: Click "Buy" to continue to confirmation screen or "Close" to return to S-BOND screen


Confirm registration information

Step 1: Tick at the checkbox to agree with the terms and conditions in the contract and document regarding confrmation prior before purchasing bond

Step 2: Enter authentication code corresponding to the registed authentication method

Step 3: Click "Confirm" to complete your order or " Return" to back to the previous screen



Lookup for bond portfolio

Step 1: Select "Bond Portfolio" > "Bonds" to keep track of the bonds the Client own.

Step 2: Click "Sell" to sell at SSI offer price or market offer price

Step 3: Filter by available criterias



Lookup for bond trading history

Step 1: Select "Bond trading history" > "Bonds" to track the status of executed buy/sell order 

Step 2: Filter by available criterias


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