Notification feature

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Notification feature


Step 1: Customers log in to the iBoard Pro application

Step 2: At the Homepage screen, customers select the icon in the shape of a notification bell

Step 3: Go to the Notification Settings Menu, then select Notification Settings

Step 4: Select notifications of customer’s interest


Alert setting

Step 1: Customer log in to the application

Step 2: Click to view any stock symbol in detail, select Alert icon

Step 3: Selection of alert criteria: The application supports alerts by: price, price fluctuations, volume, foreign room

Step 4: Fill in the information then click “Set an alert”

Edit/delete alert

Step 1: Customers choose to view any stock symbol in details

Step 2: Select the alert icon, then click Alert management

Step 3: Go to Alert management menu, Select Edit/Delete alert

Alert suspend

Step 1: Customers go to Alert management

Step 2: Click off alerts that you want to stop

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