Analytic tools

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Analytic tools


Step 1: Select menu “Market Insight” on menu bar → select “Technical chart” or click on the stock on the price board

Step 2: Select the stock to see the chart

Step 3: Click the icon on the right hand side of the chart to expand/collapse the chart



  1. Chart drawing toolbars include: Trendlines drawing tool, rule trending tool, point drawing tool, text and note inserting, parallel analysis tool and price pattern, position simulation and analysis tool.
  2. Supporting tools: Measuring tool, zooming in and out, magnets, keeping the drawing mode, locking all drawing tools, hiding all drawing tools, deleting all drawing tools and indicators, table lists of objects.
  3. Includes these tools: symbol selection box, time frame selection box, graph selection box, comparison box, indicator adding cell, existing templates. 
  4. Save chart model and chart setting
  5. Stock symbol detailed information: Price Depth, Time and sales, Market Depth Chart



  1. Stock symbol information
  2. Chart indicator
  3. Hiding, Customizing or Removing action
  4. Unit Price
  5. Time zone selection, Chart unit, ratio customizing
  6. Timeframe
    • Mouse pointing scroll manipulation : Customer can scroll to stretch/narrow the chart display time. At this point, the first display value on the right will be kept as a landmark and timeframe will be stretched/narrowed from behind 
    •  Adjusting unit column: Customer moves the mouse pointer to the object's unit column, then holds the left mouse and moves up and down to stretch/narrow the object's unit. .
    • Moving chart: Customer can hold the left mouse on any area in the Technical Charts section and move the chart to the desired location.


Market Overview gives you an overview of Vietnam's stock market and the basic data of international market, as well as the group of stocks has been affecting the market index in different time frames. 

Step 1: Select menu “Market Insight” on menu bar → select “Market overview”

Step 2: Select the information customers want to lookup


1. Market in-depth: Provide real-time VN-Index and international stock indices, Vietnam Stock Market valuation (P/E, P/B), minute-by-minute liquidity details and the comparison of liquidity levels at the corresponding time of the previous session or an average of 5 sessions, 1 month, 3 months earlier and statistics the frequency of fluctuations of the Index within 5 years, 10 years. 

2. Alert: This feature is built to update the unusual trading movements of the stock as well as the outstanding events of the business. 

3. Money Flow: This feature provides information about the cash flow in and out of the stock symbols that are trading during the current session. 

4. Heat Map: The visual and vivid heat map provides an overview of stock trading movements in the market based on these following criteria: Capitalization, Volume, Value, Foreign Buy and Sell Volume and Value and information about each stock.


Top stock section provides customer a deeper view of the movements of stock symbols in the market, be able to filter the stock symbols which are maintaining uptrend for 1 week, 1 month, 6 months ...and follow stocks that are in a peak state, accompanied by the ranking and evaluation of stocks in the stock group.

To open Top Stock, customers choose Market Insight → Top Stock


  • Top breakout: provide a list of 100 stocks with an outstanding trading volume compared to the average of 1 week/2 weeks/1 month previously
  • Top gainers: provide a list of 100 stocks arranged simultaneously according to the level of price increase and trading volume in the current trading session
  • Top losers: provide a list of 100 stocks arranged simultaneously according to the level of price discount and trading volume in the current trading session
  • Top value: provide a list of 100 stocks sorted by Most Traded Value
  • Top volume: provide a list of 100 stocks sorted by Most Trading Volume
  • Top new high: provide a list of 100 stocks which current session trading prices exceed 3-month, 6-month or 1-year highs
  • Top Foreign trading: provide a list of 100 stocks arranged according to foreign trading information in the current trading session. You can customize 4 options including: Net buy Volume, Net sell Volume, Net buy Value, and Net sell Value to find the right stocks for the portfolio
  • Top new low: provide a list of 100 stocks with current session trading prices puncturing 3-month, 6-month or 1-year lows


The Fundamental Analysis feature provides an overview of the business including: Financial Statements, Financial Indicators, Dividends and Forecasts, Business Reports. The feature supports analytical data for investors who want to learn and evaluate the nature of the business

To open Fundamental Analysis, customers choose Market Insight → Fundamental Analysis


Financial Statement: provide basic information about stock as well as the state of production and business activities of the firm through graphs of revenue, profitability, cash flow, capital structure and assets 

Financial Ratio:  provide not only financial data about the business but also the entire business industry.

Cash Dividend Analysis: Summary data of cash dividends of the firm. The column chart visually compares the ratio of dividend payouts and P/E over the years, while the data sheet will detail the dividend payment schedule as well as the dividend value forecast for the current year

Snapshot: provide basic information about stock as well as the situation of production and business activities of the enterprise through the graph group on revenue, profit, cash flow, capital structure and assets.


Stock Screener provides a tool to set up a stock filter. You can customize the criteria to set up and store personal filters

To open Stock Screener, customers choose Market Insight → Stock Screener


Select criteria to filter stock: Customize stock filtering criteria by market or by industry

Top screens: Refer to sample screeners to set up and adjust your portfolio accordingly

Apply: Set up filters according to defined criteria

Export: Download stock filtering results by excel file for the convenience of data statistics and analysis


Company profile provides all information about the business: Business profiles, news, event calendars and the financial situation of the business

To open Company profile, customers choose Market Insight → Company profile


  • Select stock symbol that you need to view information
  • View detailed information about the business according to each criteria: Transaction (Technical analysis graph and detailed developments of stock price), business profile information, dividend payment situation, business event calendar and detailed financial indicators of the selected company
  • Click "Order" button for quick access to order screen
  • Click "Fundamental Analysis" for quick access to Fundamental Analysis screen
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