Non-Trading Account

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Non-Trading Account

“Non Trading account” is an account for customers who do not have a stock trading account at SSI to access to try out online services/utilities provided by SSI from time to time. Accordingly, Customers can monitor the Price List, find out market & business information in the "Analytical Tools" section, design and customize their own transaction screens in the "My Interface" section and do Familiar with the order placement interface, asset list and other features of SSI.

1.Accessing the Registration Screen:
Step 1: Visit the iBoard website via this link:  Click on “Log in.”
Step 2: On the login window, choose “Register an Experience Account.”
2.Registering an Experience Account:
Step 1: Fill in the following information:
  • Phone Number: This number will receive an OTP code for account activation.
  • Full Name: Provide your complete name.
  • Email: Enter your email address.
  • Password and Re-enter Password: Set a password for logging into your account.
Step 2: Agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.
Step 3: Click “Register.” You’ll receive an OTP code on your registered phone number.
After successful registration, log in to iBoard Web using your phone number and the password you’ve set up.


•The phone number or email for the experience account cannot match the account information registered at SSI.
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