Trading Utilities

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Trading Utilities

Step 1: Creating a Request

To initiate a stock transfer request, follow these steps:

  • Log in to iBoard Web > Equities Trading> Stock Transfer
  • The customer selects a source account and a destination account
  • Select the stock code and quantity to be transferred from the list to make the request


Step 2 : Confirm the request 

The system will display a request to enter the corresponding authentication code depending on the authentication method the customer has registered


Step 3 : Look up history 

Select the "Securities transfer history" tab to look up securities transfer information (look up by time/execution status).

The "IPO Information" feature helps customers keep track of all warrant codes that have been and are in the process of being issued

Step 1 : Create request 

  • Log in to iBoard Web >  Select Equities Trading > Select “CW IPO”
  • Select the "IPO Information" tab to display the warrant codes currently IPO
  • Select the warrant code you want to register to buy, click "Details" to view the prospectus of the selected Warrant or click the "Register" button to buy the selected warrant

Step 2 : Confirm the request

  • Select the sub-account and warrant code you want to register to buy IPO
  • Fill in the volume of warrants you want to register to buy (the volume of orders must satisfy the conditions: Minimum purchase volume <= registration quantity <= Maximum purchase volume according to actual amount) 
  • Select the account to receive money back in the box "Account number to receive money back" (in case the registered quantity is not purchased, registration is unsuccessful...). Click to agree to the terms and conditions of registering to buy IPO → Select "Next" to confirm the registered IPO purchase content, select "cancel" to delete the entered information and re-operate.

Step 3 : Check history

Track status and subscription history to buy IPO CW. Customers can Cancel registered status requests

The "Order confirmation" feature helps customers confirm orders placed by account management brokers

Step 1 : Create request

Log in to iBoard Web → Select Account Management → Select “Order confirmation”

Select the order that needs confirmation according to the following criteria: Account number, stock code, order type, Confirmation Channel, Order date

Step 2 : Authenticate the request
Confirm the request using the registered Authentication Method

Step 3 : Look up history

Select the "Order Confirmation History" tab to view the status of confirmed orders

Select one of the criteria to look up order confirmation history: Account number, contract code, order type, confirmation channel, lookup time

 Set up hotkeys

Customers can customize hotkeys for corresponding functions to facilitate stock trading operations.


Customers can set up a maximum of 3 keys, including 2 function keys and 1 alphanumeric key.


Quick Order Placement Setup

Customers can configure quick order placement based on frequently used trading volumes and commonly used stock codes.

Note: Customers can set up to 6 volume levels and 6 commonly used stock codes.

The “Rights Information” feature on SSI iBoard allows customers to track all the entitlements associated with their stock portfolio and register for online purchase rights.

Here are the different types of rights that can be monitored:

  • Cash Dividend Rights.
  • Stock Dividend Rights
  • Stock Bonus RightsRights to Purchase Additional Shares/Convertible Bonds


Register for the right

Step 1 : Create request

  • Log in to iBoard Web → Select Basic Transaction → Select “Rights information”
  • Check the list of stock codes eligible for purchase rights under the “Stock purchase right (Additional stocks/Convertible bonds)” tab.
  • Select the Stock code you want to exercise your rights, click “Register”


Step 2: Confirm Your Request

Enter the quantity of shares you wish to register for purchase and confirm the request using the registered authentication method.

Step 3: Check Purchase Rights History

Select the “Registration Status” tab to inquire about the status of the recently executed purchase rights.

The Open Fund Certificate feature helps manage information and transact open fund certificates 


Step 1:   Access Menu > Basic transactions > Open fund certificates 

Step 2 : Look up information and place an order

1. Select the All tab to look up information on Open Fund Certificate codes, click "Details" to look up information and how to trade Open Fund Certificate codes.

2. Select the S-FUND tab to look up information on Open Fund Certificate codes managed by SSI Fund Management Company (SSIAM). 

2.1 Click "Buy", the system will re direct to the login page of SSI AM:
2.2 Log in using the Username and Password sent by SSIAM Online when the Client opens Open-Ended Fund Account. The Client can view the User Guide at the link displayed on the login screen
2.3 Create S-FUND buying/selling transactions and look portfolio information, account statements
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